PlayStation Vita: Sony Promises 'Not to Make Same Mistake' it Made with PSP

PlayStation Vita officially launches today, and all eyes are on Sony and its second offering in the portable games market. Vita has launched with a slew of amazing titles to play from both first-party and third parties, and that will be the key to its success. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida acknowledged that PSP didn't get the attention it deserved. Sony has vowed to not make the same mistake with Vita.

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Yi-Long2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

They're making completely new and original mistakes with VITA.

Crazy expensive memorycards which are exclusive for VITA, Online Passes, the whole 3G thing, only 1 PSN account per VITA, etc etc etc.

Annoying, cause specs-wise and games-wise the system looks like great fun and well worth owning.

PSVITAlitysensor2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Truth well spoken. They are not repeating the EXACT mistakes, but they are still making them...

darthv722490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

i really dont know of many mistakes the psp made. It was expensive at first which is usually the testing phase to see how it gets received. I do think there was too much emphasis on console ports at the beginning instead of it having its own library to build on.

Then again, if the concept for the vita is cross play with ps3 then we will likely see more console ports on the vita than the psp.

biggest problem with psp was marketing. Or lack of in certain situations. To sell a product you have to WANT to sell your product. You do that with advertising and promotions. The taco bell promo was a neat idea but one that seems to be plagued with issues.

You cant continue to sell on name brand only. sometimes you have to get out there and pound the pavement to get your product noticed by those who wouldnt even know it was available.

The unit is great and if we lived in a world where regular people were as up to date on all things new and technical as the tech heads then the issue of what it is wouldnt be an issue. People are going to confuse this with a psp and as such are going to associate it with the ds for gaming. Which means they wont be fully aware that it is more than that.

Those 'mistakes' listed above are not the fault of the PSP but of the management themselves in handling things.

Tanir2490d ago

do online passes matter if people buy the games digitally? why do you need multiple psn accounts on a handheld?

the memory sticks arent that expensive when you consider how much an Ipod touch is for a 32 gig (almost 300$

i dont see that much of a problem. your points are good if that was all said for the ps4, but those things dont matter as much on a handheld. I dont see anyone passing their vita around the house with multiple accounts lol.

edilions2490d ago

And Nintendo & Microsoft doesn t make mistakes ?

nikola9872490d ago

So it's OK for Sony to make them as long as others do it to?

Skateboard2490d ago

He or she didn't even say what you said.

nikola9872489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

@Skateboard: Seriously read between the lines..

Knight_Cid2490d ago

80 million in sales isnt attention? A better library than any of the consoles? come on hes being modest

s8anicslayer2490d ago

The PSP wasn't a mistake, the PSP GO was a mistake, The vita is awesome just got mine today and it is absolutely stunning. Great build construction, great screen and great launch library.

Skateboard2490d ago

I got my 3G with the memory card. I'm loving it and I can't wait for MLB The Show 12 with touchscreen controls : D

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