PS Vita: Rumored March iPad 3 release 'doesn't concern' Sony

There is room for 'both' the iPad 3 and PS Vita, says Sony.

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Optical_Matrix2491d ago

Why should it concern them?

Surfaced2491d ago

I dunno, a yearly iPad is inevitable and expected. Nothing new here.

BiggCMan2491d ago

Because the stupid media thinks that the Vita should be compared to the iPhone and the iPad, when it shouldn't. This is a gaming machine at heart, not some crappy Apple device that has terrible games on it. Games on the Apple devices aren't up to the standards of Uncharted, Wipeout, and everything else that is, and will be on the Vita at some point. Vita obliterates what the iPad can do in every way, the only reason the media compares them is because it makes a good story, because millions of dumb people own an iPad and iPhone, even though there are much better devices.

darthv722491d ago

they had mark of selling x amount of units to break even and they don't hit it. It could happen under certain conditions.

Meaning the unit is too core for the casuals who use the idea of doing more with a tablet besides games. AND...its too expensive for the parents to buy for the kids for gaming. Cheaper to get the kids a ds variant instead.

No doubt this thing will sell to the core audience. Its the millions of others out there that arent the core audience they have to sell to.

LOGICWINS2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

"No doubt this thing will sell to the core audience. Its the millions of others out there that arent the core audience they have to sell to."

Well said. The core already have a positive stance on Vita, so Sony doesn't have anything to worry about with them. The problem is the casual market who rely on constant advertising in order for them to buy something.

You can say that Vita isn't intended for casual gamers...but with a $50 million dollar advertising budget, Sony is obviously trying to go beyond the hardcore crowd.

If Sony TRULY cared about ONLY the hardcore market then they would have cut their advertising budget in half because they KNOW that hardcore gamers don't need advertisements to make them buy something.

Heavy Rain is a great example. Virtually no TV ads and it sold 1 million copies is 5 weeks.

Also, saying that "Vita obliterates the iPAD in every way" doesn't change the fact that there are millions casual consumers that think the exact opposite. Therefore, hardcore gamers as well as casual gamers will play a role as to how successful the Vita will become.

BiggCMan, open that mind of yours! The more consumers Vita reaches(hardcore or casual) the more it Vita sells, hence Vita's install base grows, hence more developers will take a risk on Vita, hence more games for YOU to play!

Calling casual consumers "dumb" really isn't in your best interest consider the buying power that they have, and thus the potential effect it can have on your gaming experience with Vita.

lifesanrpg2491d ago

Some people see the Vita and see that it's a handheld device and automatically lump it into the "mobile casual" game category without realizing the true power of the Vita.

They see handheld and are like "oh well I can already play Angry Birds on my phone"

It's that kind of thinking that could hurt the Vita's sales - despite the impressive technology

LOGICWINS2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

"Some people see the Vita and see that it's a handheld device and automatically lump it into the "mobile casual" game category without realizing the true power of the Vita."

DING! DING! DING! Thats precisely the point! This is the way casuals think. They don't know any better so they lump everything together.

What people don't want to admit is that the primary consumers of media entertainment are uneducated CASUAL consumers who will see Vita and say "oh well I can already play Angry Birds on my need to pay $300+ on something else"

Vita is an impressive piece of tech, but to deny the unfortunate dominance of the casual market in the portable media entertainment sector is foolhardy.

Regardless of what others may believe, in the eyes of the casual consumer, the Vita, the 3DS, iPAD, and iPhone ARE competition. Continuously saying that "Apple fans are dumb" and "Vita games have more quality" will NEVER change this.

Silly Mammo2491d ago

Don't you know that from now on any electrical device will be compared to the iPad by the media? I was going to replace my old microwave, but after reading alot of reviews none of the models I looked at had comparable features to the iPad (NO CAMERA?!?) So I just ponied up and got a 16GB iPad instead. :0P

ZeroX98762491d ago

When I'll want to play touch casual games, I'll buy an Ipad. When I'll want to play more hardcore games, I'll buy a vita.

JellyJelly2491d ago

When I want to play more hardcore games I play them on a 360 or PS3, with better graphics, on a much bigger screen and with a better controller.

Still don't get the point of this thing.

paddystan2491d ago

Actually, some Vita games have better graphics than some PS3/360 games. ;)

ZeroX98762487d ago

it's almost the experience you're getting on your home console, BUT on an handheld! :D
plus, I think that a lot of JRPGs are going to be announced for the vita. Just loved my psp and DS before, and the 3ds doesn't have enough "must play games" for me

Ryo-Hazuki2491d ago

i read that the ipad3 wont have even have a quad core

cbuc11252491d ago

It wont need a quad core. Apple uses optimization to achieve similar performance.

Knight_Cid2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

and 3ds. Its not like that is being effected.

If anyone is dominating MOBILE GAMING, its nintendo

You dont by apple products to game, you just dont

Octo12491d ago

As an owner of both an iPad 2 and Vita I don't see why Sony should be concerned. I enjoyed games like Infinity Blade 2 and Jetpack but there a times that a virtual stick will not do.
I'll still use my iPad 2 for games like Tiny Tower and Jetpack since these are "experiences" I can only get on my iPad 2 and not the Vita. I will have my Vita when I want a more console experience games with the use of actual buttons. S'all good:D

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