Happy Vita Day

The day is finally here: across the world, hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of gamers a getting their hands on the PlayStation Vita for the first time. - PSLS

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Sev2492d ago

I am in love with this machine!

knifefight2492d ago

"It's MY sex box, and her naaaaame is 'Sony.'"

FinaLXiii2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Maybe he´s playing his own vita during service!

h311rais3r2492d ago

Ok it's great but none o the AR games work properly! Ur either too close or too far and all the "card models" jiggle like an anime girls boobs! And with table soccer the controls are unresponsive!

Sevir2492d ago

Lol, the real treats are Fifa, Uncharted, Escape Plan, MNR, LBP and Gravity Daze! It's possiblely the best launch line up I've ever experienced! The Vita is a beast!

smashcrashbash2492d ago

Oh no. That is awful *rolls eyes* that is a real tragedy. I hope you get over that.

Sevir2492d ago

52 people in a 10 mile radius are playing their vita... 10 of which are in my building on my Navy Base at work! FIFA, Uncharted and MNR seems to be the popular games! Sony really thought well in implementation of this feature! While I hate ATT the Plan I have is great for the Vita! Especially with WiFi here in my building!

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