Best Online Multiplayer Game of 2007: Halo 3 Wins

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Bungie's smooth and polished implementation of the well-trodden online shooter formula proved to be the judges' pick for 2007 - and it's well earned. What other game has such a fully-featured replay mode? What other game comes with such a variety of maps and game styles? What other game gives you the chance to be teabagged by a pre-pubescent boy with a potty mouth? Hang on, that's not right.

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BIoodmask3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Halo 3 is by far the most fun I have had in an online game this year. The party system is second to none. The same was true with Halo 2 when it was released.

All of the different game types, the new equipment, weapons, and well balanced maps add tons of replay value. The save film features are also very original not to mention hilarious.

With all of the people that are always online. It is more like a community than just a game. I am pretty confident that Halo 3 will still be played online well after the next iteration of the Xbox is released.

Not many other online console games have the strong following that the Halo franchise does.

DiabloRising3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I'll have to disagree. Halo felt like more of the same. It's fun in 20 minute chunks, but quickly gets old. The real marvel this year for online for me was Call of Duty 4. Amazing visuals and level design, quick gameplay where you actually feared death, and awesome RPG style ranking systems. There's nothing as gratifying seeing your score pop up and rank up mid-match in CoD. (No, I'm not saying Halo 3 is bad, it's more of the same and was a major letdown for me.)

To Hooby - Indeed. But there is a fine line between keeping a series staple and just being a bit rehashed. Halo 3 just felt like a prettier Halo 2 to me. Much of the level design in multiplayer was weak and symmetrical, but some of the weapon tweaks were good. I dunno, CoD4 gave me an awesome experience that felt new and yet refined.

Hooby3809d ago

I don't understand why people knock things for being more of the same. As if they expected a halo game to be not halo...

I think bungie added as much as they could without making it non-halo. I'd appreciate a different halo too (Peter Jackson project hopefully) but the third part of a series is bound to be pretty much a lot like the first two, so you cannot rank the game any lower because of that. Even if the developers could make it "less of the same" they wouldn't because its part of a trilogy. They won't make Aragorn pull out a gun in ROTK just to "change things up a bit", its more of the same swording orcs in the face, but it needs to be that way.

Chubear3809d ago

I'm sorry dude but halo3 doesn't even come close to comparing online experiences with the likes of UT III, CoD4 and Warhawk. To say that would mean you haven't played any of these games to any significant degree.

GIJeff3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

youre stupid.

there, i edited it.

socomnick3809d ago

Once again this sites fanboys show their immaturity. Idiots like Gijeff insulting someone for their opinion. Wish the idiots would go play some games instead of trying to spread their garbage here.

BIoodmask3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

N4G Guidelines: "Personal attacks" on other members will not be tolerated. This behavior may result in removal of your speech bubbles and/or temporary or permanent ban of your account.

And in response to your "all knowing" rant. I own COD4 for 360, as well as UT4 for my PC. I am not narrow minded and have no ill will towards Warhawk. I am sure it is a fun game. What I do not like is people that have a bizarre emotional attachment to their console. You seem to display these types of attributes. For further reference I recommend you visit my Bio.

Pay close attention to the Second paragraph. Towards the end of it. I am thinking that it may apply to your mindset.

I do not go around insulting other members of this website. Usually when people resort to name calling it is bc they lack the intellect for a competant rebuttle.

BIGBAER3809d ago

Whwn Halo 3 was first released, everyone on my Freinds List was playing it.

After COD4 came out most then played that with occasional returns to Halo 3 for Multiplayer battles.

Assassin's Creed came along and well, let's not say anymore about that....

Now, virtuaaly everyone on my Friends List is back to playing Halo 3... including me!

I play some Forza 2, then some PGR4---both sweet, sweet ggames, BUT the majority of my daily game play is given to Halo 3 because for one, the game is so damned good and two, I've never played a multiplayer game on any console and pc that was so addictive and engaging and just plain damned fun!

Building strategic forts and barricades with FORGE and creating custom game types never----NEVER get old!

Playing consistantly with my friends has allowed us to create some very lethal strategies. For me, Halo 3 just keeps getting better and better.

COD4 is a great game but I haven't touched it for a long time.

Halo 3 ftw!

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jinn3809d ago

the runner up would be COD4

Killzownz843809d ago

COD4 owns Halo 3 on so many levels its not even funny. Everything Halo 3 offers, COD4 does much much better.. Sound quality, frame rate, graphics, controls, much better leveling up system, a lot better replay value, way better maps, way better weapons, way better game types!!! Halo 3 is a gimmick.. all hype!! sure it might have vehicles and thats the ONLY thing it has on COD4 oh and not to mention COD4 has the much better single player..

If you are a FPS fan, i think you need your head checked if you think Halo 3 is better than COD4.

The Chief of Mjolnir3809d ago

Better rank system? What a joke...

In CoD4, you just have to shoot people to gain XP, no matter how many times you die.

In Halo 3, it´s based on your kill/death ratio. So you can´t kill 5 people and die 15 times, and still get experience. Like in CoD4.

ARBitrator3809d ago

Halo3 or COD4 could be MP GOTY, both are good multiplayer online games. Here's where the problem lies and the reason no one can agree. IMO PS3 fanboys refuse to accept that a xbox360 exclusive could win anything. If COD4 would have won, they would have no problems with that because it was multiplatform.

Now, if some how some way HALO3 was multiplatform, they would all own it, and they would also be able to accept HALO3 as MP GOTY. This is because the typical hardcore fanboy has a problem giving props to their opponent. It's kind of like when a team beats you in a game of basketball, after the game you line up and shake each others hand and say good game, most will even give kudos to the other team for being better on that day.

This is something the will NEVER happen in the world of the fanboy, their just too immature to do it. Don't get me wrong the 360 Fanboy is no different. Had Warhawk won MP GOTY there would be 360 fanboys say "NO WAY" just as the Sony fanboy is on this thread.

Honestly, I'm fine with HALO3 or COD4 winning the accolade. But for those that keep calling HALO3 crap and more of the same. YOU"RE JUST JEALOUS because it's not on your console. How could a sequel of anything NOT be "more of the same." Get over yourselves people.

Hooby3809d ago

Yes multiplayer is great. I just truly wish they made the single player better. I feel it could have been much more epic, they could've done much more...added a lot more emotion, make it more apocalyptic.

Oh well. Heres to multiplayer.

DarkSniper3809d ago

Dark Sniper will kindly dismiss this article and excuse the obvious mistake in awarding Halo 3 this title. $niper assumes this award was given prematurely to Halo 3 as the graphically and gameplay wise superior Unreal Tournament 3 may not have been released yet upon giving this award.


JOLLY13809d ago

Whatever George Castanza

JasonPC360PS3Wii3809d ago

Your sing off "$niper" is just as bad as ......Mag Lev...... it's just "dee dee dee"

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