Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly remake debut trailer

Take a look at the first trailer for the new Fatal Frame game.

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LX-General-Kaos2407d ago

This game looks extremely scary. They have the special japanese horror theme going thats found in movie like the grudge, and the ring.

Venox20082407d ago

Fatal frame series are one of the scariest real survivor horror games I've ever played.. especially 2 and IV .. and it will be in Europe! :) please, make a real localisation of FF IV, Nintendo! :)

ThePsychoGamer2407d ago

Please don't allow world publishing rights fall into Nintendo's hands.

Pozzle2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I'm surprised they're even making the game for the Wii tbh. Weren't Tecmo really really pissed off with how Nintendo handled Fatal Fame 4? I remember Tecmo saying years ago that they were thinking of moving the series back to Sony and Microsoft consoles because they were so upset with how FF4 was treated.

Inception2407d ago

I heard some rumor that Tecmo already sold Fatal Frame license to nintendo. Maybe that's why after FF 3 Tecmo always made FF game for nintendo platform...

jc485732407d ago

why the hell would Tecmo sell off Fatal Frame?

rezzah2407d ago

I've read that 1 or 2 was so scary that many people didn't actually finish the game in japan. I read that somewhere, but forgot where.
Wish this would be released in NA.

dvfaa2407d ago

i wish this wasn't just for Wii

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