Borderlands 2 Kicks Off New Era of Shoot and Loot on September 18, 2012

2K Games and Gearbox Software announced today that Borderlands 2, the sequel to the multi-million unit selling breakout hit, Borderlands, will be available on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Windows-based PC in North America on September 18, 2012 and internationally on September 21, 2012.

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antz11042254d ago

96.5% more wub wub and a playable Snakeyes type character?

9/18 FTW!!!

young juice2253d ago

im probably the only person hero who recognizes the song from lupe fiascos friend of the people

Christopher2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

They listened and added a sword wielding character. Sweet! I know who I'm going to be playing the heck out of when this releases.

thrasherv32253d ago

What would you call mord then?

Christopher2253d ago

@thrasherv3: Mordecai's specials were about improving sniping, bloodwing, or pistols/revolvers. The blade he carried was not at all a major part of him and ended up with just a single skill that you can train in to make it worthwhile. Zero, on the other hand, will have a tree dedicated to just the sword.

thrasherv32253d ago

I'm glad you know he has a whole skill tree dedicated to his sword. But I guess your basing that info off mords sword skills :)

LackTrue4K2253d ago

loved part 1, its the only game i have a platinum trophy for!!! was the not to get, just hard to stop playing!!! XD

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joydestroy2254d ago

the vid is pretty cool =D

LightSamus2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

That is the CORRECT way to use dubstep (or whichever sub-genre it is) in a trailer.

TenSteps2254d ago

I loved how they added 96.5% more Wub Wub

iChii2253d ago

What's Wub Wub? s: I don't get it.

RoyaleWC2254d ago

Song is 'Nero - Doomsday' if anyone was interested in the song.

CanadianTurtle2254d ago

Borderlands 1 was the best co op game I have played this generation. I was one of the lucky ones because I got to play the full game and every mission with 3 of my other buddies. It was a lot of fun and totally worth the money.

Borderlands 2 is one of those games where I can say I have no problem paying 60bucks for it on day one. It seems like theres going to be a lot more cool environments and a variety of enemies.

I actually live really far away from my best friends, ever since I moved. I really miss them sometimes. And borderlands is sort of like our friendship tradition where we get together and game for hours on end, reliving the old days. I'm in college right now, and I still talk to them every now and then. But when borderlands 2 comes out, I'll be spending time with them the whole day, everyday until we beat it on playthrough 2.

OMEGAZONE2253d ago

It was good but the voice chat issues were never fixed and for a game that relies so heavily on co-op in the end it was a real game breaker. Co-op was still fun but being able to chat to your friends without the stuttering and interference would have been perfect. Gearbox acknowledged the issue but never patched it.

xPhearR3dx2253d ago

Never knew that, then again, I never use game chat. Always use Party Chat on XBL. Perk of owning an Xbox I guess.

chanmasta2254d ago

Awesome trailer, besides the dubsh!t. Much prefer Cage The Elephant from the first game.

LAWSON722254d ago

That song is beast and works well with borderlands

wallis2254d ago

The song does work well but it's not really in the same category as artists like cluekid, mala or benton. Those guys put dubstep tunes together like it's jazz. Every note, every sound, having a place and a reason to be there. Music to meditate to.

Nero is like elevator music in comparison, which make skrillex something more like a mentally ill child beating a three day rotten piece of road kill against a piano that isn't in tune.

Drake1172254d ago

Lol o man hipsters within groups of hipsters. Great trailer except for that annoying ass sound in the background.

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