MW3 Report: Activision - Microsoft DLC deal since MW2, no co-development between Treyarch & Infinity

DSOGaming writes: "In addition, we've been wondering whether Infinity would co-work with Treyarch for a future COD title or not. Infinity has worked with Sledgehammer so a co-developed game by the two, main, studios responsible for the franchise could be interesting, right?"

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Mikefizzled2484d ago

I personally see that to be a terrible idea

KyRo2484d ago

Se here. BO was the best COD since COD4. I'd hate for IW to ruin it. I think treyarchs slightly slower pace and bigger maps benefit COD. MW3 bores me beyond belief.

SaffronCurse2484d ago

Dosen't this deal end this year? If so i wonder if Microsoft will renew their ocntract.

Tanir2484d ago

they will. MS cant offer exclusive games so they have to resort to timed exclusive dlc and demos now lmao.

honestly its very pathetic of activision to charge for the elite sub yet still give it to their members later.

GraveLord2484d ago

Microsoft would want to renew. The question here is will Activision? There's really no point in having timed-exclusive DLC for a game this big. People are buying it on their favorite console and no timed-exclusive DLC is going to make them switch.

john22484d ago

Activision will if MS pays them enough. Strictly business decisions I guess

Apocwhen2484d ago

Treyarch have become the better COD developer so I wouldn't want their new ideas tainted by IW

Hdz542484d ago

why is this even considered news?

john22484d ago

um, because it's something new to a lot of people?

nik666uk2484d ago

Like the pimp says to his ho's "Keep it comin!!!!"

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