XSeed Games coming to Steam; Trails in the Sky coming possibly to the PC

DSOGaming writes: "I have no problem admitting that I’m a huge fan of JRPGs. SNES was one of my most favourite consoles and enjoyed lots of classic JRPGs. In fact, I'm proud of that. Surely some might not like the anime/Japanese style of those games but still, I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of PC gamers that have enjoyed them. And we are delighted to inform you about XSeed Games’ future plans. It’s a fact that Steam’s registry rarely lies, so get ready everyone as XSeed Games is coming to Steam and might bring some of their JRPGs."

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Knight_Cid2407d ago

dont believe it until they say it

NeoBasch2407d ago

They did say they would like to. But that's as far as I know.

Kamikaze1352407d ago

Hope so. As long as it isn't a bad port, I would buy it.

NYC_Gamer2407d ago

I'm no fan of jrpgs but more PC support is always a good thing

tiffac0082407d ago

If Xseed makes more money out of it and continues to localize great JRPGs for us, then I'm all for it.

GillHarrison2407d ago

Brilliant idea, the sales will definitely benefit from being released over Steam. The big issue is trying to sell people games on the already dead PSP. Now they need to bring their back catalog to PS Vita on the Playstation Store.

Ulf2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Trails in the Sky is already one of the PSP games available on the Vita... and the PSP is far from dead, friend.

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