Catherine Would Be Better With Elements Deleted

360 Magazine: Is Catherine the first 360 title that would be improved by the insertion of a ‘scene missing’ notice between its story sections? We’re inclined to think so…

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disturbing_flame2368d ago

I think people should sometimes be more enclined to understand what is the intention of a book, game, film than trying to redefine what they do want from those cultural productions.

This article is the symbol of what is wrong with criticism.
Because it tends to say that they know what is perfect. There's no perfection, it's sometimes the defaults of a production that also give it its personality. Catherine has more to offer with the shape it has, it's cool to see this game appear when all is third person shooters or racing games.

Stop moaning about things that are futile, appreciate things with a real sense of valor, try to think different sometimes (no you're not thirsty) and stop pretending you know everything on everything.

The article headline should have been : "Games would be better if we were not enclined to only appreciate casual and action oriented games".
It's the difference of Catherine that makes it so good.
Better than a lot of western productions by the way.

rhap2368d ago

What a stupid article, but I can understand, this new generation of gamers don't want originality, they want games similar to other games around, so they won't have a "panic attack" playing something different.

jimmins2368d ago

Just because something is original doesn't make it automatically good, though many seem to think it does. It's quite possible to take old ideas and make great things out of them (Darksiders, Uncharted and so on), just as it's possible to do something new that people neither like nor understand (Ar Tonelico Qoga, Kinect).

Rememeber kids; don't confuse originality with greatness; they are separate, but equal concepts.

rezzah2368d ago

Thats the thing, because originality stands outside from similarity, originality is perceived as different. Humans fear change and usually react negatively. Therefore if something is original, not only are there going to be those who like the change, but those who dislike the change for not being similar/ something they are use to.

Rather than to criticize for elements included within a game, accept the gameplay style.

rhap2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I'm talking about the article. He's bashing what made Catherine fun for most people, saying it should be a different game. And believe or not, Catherine is very original and unique in a positive way.

I never said what's original or different is good, but it's great when there are new games around that explores different kinds of gameplay.

Edit: and by judging the disagrees on me and the first post, I can say most people here make part of the new generation and all they want is to explode boats, head shot on bf, clickfest gow style or play tomb raider with a guy. Pointless to argue with who can't understand the greatness of a new concept that, somehow, managed to succeed in a world filled with people like you.

Baka-akaB2368d ago

very stupid article indeed .

DaveX3602368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

So falling repeatedly to your death in the face of nearly impossible odds, time and again, is 'what made Catherine fun for most people'? I really don't think this is so, somehow.

Catherine's narrative, its delivery and the fact it concentrates on subjects to which most people can relate make the game a thing of beauty. Structuring this around gameplay mechanics littered with frustrations is an act of madness. There are ways to achieve the symbolism of a tortured mind without forcing players to destroy several of their own joypads, y'know.

rezzah2368d ago

The game is a puzzle, not a shooter.

There fore you use your mind to overcome your obstacles. If you fail you try again until you get it right.

If you are unable to achieve your goal then congratulations, you just realised you cannot play puzzle games.

Don't complain out of your own lack of skill, know your place and go play something else.

It's as easy as that.

Baka-akaB2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Except i do think so .

There are a category of people that enjoy such trial and error process . It's even inherent to puzzle games ...

Or to games like Demon souls/Dark souls .

What annoys me with articles and people like you , is that instead of simply acknowledging some of those games catering to another market , even if obviously niche these days , you'd go on rants and endless tirade on how much better X game would be if they "listened to you" .

The game was always shown to be a difficult puzzler wrapped around some narrative process , and guys like you are basically arguing that it should be something else .

The game just isnt for everyone , and for "everyone" else , there are plenty other options . While the reverse just isnt true , in an age where even racing games , feel the need to add rewind options for crashes ...

Redempteur2368d ago

Love puzzles games ...understanding the mecanics and using your skills to reach victory is very fun ...
It's teh core of puzzles games..

For the others , there is easy mode...

So i dunno what the article point is but he sure missed THE POINT of puzzles games