Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Review (

Oh "how not to be a samurai".


Changed from samurai to ninja. Editing error.

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knifefight2372d ago

THere's nothing "Samurai" about the game at all. Does he even know the difference between a ninja and a samurai? That's like reviewing Metal Gear Solid and saying "Oh How Not to be a Cowboy."


morganfell2372d ago

Exactly. If this person cannot get the most basic fact correct, the nature of the main character, then he obviously has no idea, zero, zilch, zip, nada, null, nechevo, idea at all what he is talking about and I would not give them the a single click.

It is utterly ridiculous a story like this is published when it is an example of the reckless, ill researched, laughable yet derelict attempts at journalism that continue to plague this site.

Studio-YaMi2372d ago

Robert Workman obviously didn't play any of the Tenchu games....

TheDCD2372d ago

Admittingly, it's been corrected to ninja. Sorry guys.