Plus XP: Are HD Re-Releases A Good Thing?

Contributor Random Man for PlusXP writes "Over the last 12 to 18 months there has been a revitalisation of some games with the release of HD collector’s edition packs. These are for games that were on the Playstation 1 and 2 as well as titles that were available on the Xbox, PSP and many other consoles. Some of the previous titles released as HD collection editions were, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and God of War Volumes 1 and 2, but in the next twelve months there are going to be quite a few more HD Collection Editions released including Devil May Cry, Silent Hill and many more."

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Choc_Salties2486d ago

Since I'm mostly a PC player only recently starting to get into consoles, I can see the point of the re-releases - I'd like to see what the hubbub was about back then...

matgrowcott2486d ago

I love them and I don't see why people there's so much outcry against them. They're usually dirt cheap (per game) and the upgrades (especially in terms of trophies) add a new dimension to something that could have felt stale.

Granted, I understand that people would rather just have a PS2 emulator built into the PS3, but ultimately I see it as a different product anyway.

spacedelete2486d ago

we should have the option of both. emulation for older games that have no chance of being released and HD remakes for big games like Jax and Daxter.

personally i like HD remakes as im sick of current gen games wanting to be movies so nice to play games that were fun and not trying to be something they weren't.

Jls12486d ago

I like them I got three platinum's from tomb raider trilogy

N311V2486d ago

Next gen we'll get 3D remakes.

Cajun Chicken2486d ago

I have no problem with them and think they're rather brilliant as an owner of both Serious Sam HDs, MDK2HD for the PC and PoP collection, GoW Vol 1 and Sly collection on PS3, but I wouldn't mind the previous Insomniac developed Ratchets being ported too. Don't think I could ask for anymore than that, pretty happy with Jak finally being ported, although, needs Jak X.

The recent remake of Halo by 343 and Saber is pretty damn good too. Can't wait to get a hold a copy of that one after renting it.