Tribes: Ascend Beta Review (GameFront)

Whether this sequel will be able to transcend the niche appeal of hardcore sci-fi shooters with a steep learning curve is yet to be seen. Modern battlefield FPS titles have set a low entry bar for player skill, and T:A’s deep movement system, coupled with a penchant for projectile weapons, can easily frustrate newcomers who find themselves unable to mindlessly rake in kills. Tribes: Ascend is not a newbie-friendly game, which is a great selling point for a segment of the FPS crowd, but it may cost it mass appeal.

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Drake1172488d ago

Really liking the beta for this. I never played a tribes game b4 but the tutorial on how to ski and use your jet pack tells you most of what you need to know. Currently doing really well prob around a 2.0 kd or a little less.