Terraria Creator Pulls Plug on Future Updates

Pixels or Death looks into Andrew "Redigit" Spinks' surprising decision to say goodbye to Terraria.

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JsonHenry2485d ago

Its time to make a new game, duh!

Nozzle2485d ago

What a prick...........sorry but I just can't believe he's decided to do this, even to his fans. A more rewarding experience for his next game....WE DON'T CARE about your next game we want the updates you promised.

Trust me if you didn't see his plans for the next update then you'll know why people are upset. He could of least went forward with the update and then call it quits, I hope the fans don't just go along with this.

delmartian2485d ago

I wonder if certain discussions took place between Andrew Spinks and his Graphics Designer, Finn Brice. Brice's Starbound appears to be a shameless rehash of Terraria.

You think that big, cancelled update will be used in Starbound? How long ago did Spinks make this decision, I wonder.

Forbidden_Darkness2485d ago

For one, they had already sold you the full game for 10 dollars and never had to even update it after that, but they did and it has a ton of content for hours and upon hours of fun. Be a little more respectful towards the few developers that actually support their games at all after launch. They could always add content forever, but there comes a time when they need to stop and move on. They need to make money just as much as the next person.