Skyrim Graphics Enhancements and 45% Performance Boost with Latest nVidia Drivers

Earlier today, nVidia and their collection of lean, mean, and green graphics cards got a driver update that will offer significant performance gains in Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, among others. nVidia is reporting that the new WHQL-certified driver in the R295 driver family will offer a 45% performance boost in Skyrim, up to double the performance in Mass Effect 3 for SLI configurations, SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) support for Modern Warfare 3, Diablo III, and Skyrim, and a wealth of other improvements ranging from SLI optimizations to 3D vision support.

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Genecalypse2255d ago Show
AllroundGamer2255d ago

even if i have an Ati radeon 6950 card i have to say Nvidia have some good programmers if they can optimize the drivers this good (hopefully without limiting visuals in the game...)

pr0digyZA2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Ye it definately is true, With all my mods (graphical) the game was beginning to get slower. I put these on and now its playing better than before the mods. Also they enhanced the SSAO in the game.

pandehz2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

ATI sucks.

I always stuck with NVIDIA for the past 6 years or so(7600gs,9600gt and gtx 260m) and everything worked great, last year I acquired an ATI 5850m and all hell broke loose.

ATI drivers are terrible and very sparse updates. Even the updates are very minor. Till today RAGE performs crap, same with Brink and many other games. There are many games just google ati performance problems and you'll see whats been happening.

This will be my first and last ATI card ever. I should have read the forums of many game sites complaining bout ATI cards before I switched sides. Later this year I'm going back home to Nvidia.

ATI hardware is pretty decent, runs on low power, quite cool cards but support is terrible.

Nvidia cards truly bring out the game in a game. Even with my first lowly 7600gs I played Crysis on medium settings at 1024x768 and it hit 30fps surprisingly, while at that time Ati users were facing a problem where they could see a line passing through in the middle of the game.

iamgoatman2255d ago

Oh please, Nvidia are FAR from perfect when it comes to drivers, they've both had their fair share of problems and just singling out AMD is pure fanboyism.

"ATI drivers are terrible and very sparse updates."

AMD release 1 official release a month along with numerous preview and beta as well, I'd hardly call that sparse.

"There are many games just google ati performance problems"

You can do the same thing and replace ATI with Nvidia and get the same number of results. If you think it's only AMD that have problems you're so wrong, remember those drivers Nvidia released a bit back that fried cards?

"Nvidia cards truly bring out the game in a game."

What a complete load of bollocks. I've owned numerous GPU's from both Nvidia and AMD over the years and the gaming experience has been the same with all of them, to say that Nvidia "bring out the game" is laughable, but your whole post is nothing but trolling so it's hardly surprising.

Solid_Snake372255d ago

wow video card fanboys?? Now i have seen everything

pandehz2255d ago

Lol Im not a fanboy, Ive had little to no problems with my past experiences with Nvidia. Just putting my experiences out there.

iamgoatman2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


You've never seen Nvidia/AMD fanboys? Visit some tech sites and prepare to have your mind blown.


Stating your own personal experience and saying "ATI sucks" and their "drivers are terrible and very sparse" which is complete nonsense btw, are two very different things. You were trolling plain and simple, not to mention completely off-topic.

Play2Win2255d ago

Wow, I will test this with my card! Nvidia FtW!

Faelan2255d ago

Damn impressive boost considering that we're just talking software optimization here.

I've been using nVidia ever since I replaced my Voodoo card with a GeForce 256 back in the day.

I've come close to switching sides a couple of times, but it has always come down to ATI's abysmal driver support which has kept me from doing just that.

It's a shame because I do feel ATI delivers in terms of hardware, but all the horror stories I've read and keep reading about buggy drivers kills any desire for me to want to try out the competition.

nVidia is not perfect though... they've made a couple of pretty big stinkers with their drivers as well and as a result, I always wait at least a week or two before updating drivers and that's assuming the drivers actually improve something regarding the games I have installed at that time. If they don't, I just keep using my current drivers. You know... the old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' saying.

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