Important Apps We Want On The PS Vita

As the Vita readies for a worldwide release, apps like Twitter and Flickr will finally be available on every store. But what else would we want to see on the app store? - PSLS

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dbjj120882255d ago

Oh yeah, gotta get my Calendar on there. I'll need alerts when I miss meetings because I'm too busy playing.

Sev2255d ago

I want Gmail and Gtalk. Then I'll take Skype. But Skype is coming eventually, right?

Mikhail2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

yes, they prioritize social apps first and sony services apps based on past information from sony. the japanese vita has its own youtube app called nico nico..

ftwrthtx2255d ago

Gmail would be nice but I'd prefer a full featured Skype app with video.

spike2255d ago ShowReplies(1)
tiffac0082255d ago

Sony should really move the Digital comics reader to the Vita and I hope they get the Youtube app out soon too~

GribbleGrunger2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

the digital comics have been cancelled. no more i'm afraid

an E-reader would be a nice addition though

doctorstrange2255d ago

they didnt say it was completely over, just on hold, so it might still be alive.

GribbleGrunger2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

maybe Vita, i suppose (or even PS3), but more likely to be tablets and laptops because they will all carry the PS brand eventually

'Sony will shut down the PlayStation Portable Digital Comics service at the end of September.

The comic tab will no longer be accessible from the PlayStation Store interface from then, Andriasang reports.

Sony will stop adding new content to the service from 15th March. You'll be able to re-download already purchased content until the end of the year. The Comic Reader app will also be available to download through the end of the year.

Want to back up your digital comics? Sony recommends using the Media Go program, which links your PSP to a PC.

Sony launched PSP Digital Comics in December 2009 with a neat auto-flow viewer.

Sony said it is currently looking into offering comic and other digital book content through other Sony and PlayStation brand products.'

CrazyRap2254d ago

No ps3 love?
I want the facebook app for ps3 :'(