New Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention PS Vita Screens

NIS America releases over 40 new Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention screens for Vita.

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Snookies122255d ago

Gah I'm buying this... Played some D3 on PS3 a little while back, but never got to beat it. With 50+ dollars of DLC and the game, it's a freaking steal! Plus, I really want to help out NIS. I love the Disgaea series, and would hate it if they ever went out of business. D:

Knight_Cid2255d ago

its only a steal wih the dlc and new content

Snookies122255d ago

That's what I said right? The game and DLC. XD

Especially for me, since I never beat the original.

Knight_Cid2255d ago

meaning the dlc is in any standard goty these days

But what puts it over the top is the new content

Mikhail2255d ago

Damn, my wallet would hurt because of this, i prefer disgaea on handhelds rather than consoles.

izumo_lee2255d ago

Time to lose over 300 hours of my life over this game...again but oh so worth it. Love disgaea!

fluffydelusions2255d ago

Slightly offtopic but Netflix app now up for vita on psn store

geniusgamerdoc2255d ago

Is there an Official Release Date for this Game(US and EU)???