Even More New Tales of Graces f English Screenshots "An additional nine new English screenshots of Tales of Graces f have been posted over at the official Tales of Series Facebook page. They are mostly of the character Hubert Ozwell in battle."

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Cloudberry2253d ago

Along with Yakuza: Dead Souls at March 13th 2012.

Baka-akaB2253d ago

Warning those are quite badly compressed pics . Dunno why NAmco would do that

Megaman_nerd2253d ago

compressed or not those are early gen PS2 quality textures. At least the character models are a bit more detailed but still, the game doesn't even look half as good as Tales of Vesperia or Xillia.

FalseAngel02253d ago

Well it is an HD port of a Wii game after all.

Redempteur2253d ago

"early gen PS2 quality textures"
you really didn't seen the PS2 at the start .. these are miles better considering they improved many textures & the resolution while going toward the PS3...

Baka-akaB2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

lol and when did i say it was looking as good ? It's a wii port with hd upscales and extras that's all .

So i dont even see where you are coming from , the simple fact remains that Namco fucked up their screenshots with some horrible compression , even youtube feeds look better . I was just pointing a known fact out .

besides no those arent early ps2 gen texture ... early ps2 wished it had that . Symphonia on ps2 didnt look nearly as good as the original GC version . And even less Tales of Abyss .

Those are just GC-Wii level graphics , no need to hype them as more as they should be , nor undermine them out of spite .

2249d ago