Crysis patch 'full update' today

Crytek's Crysis PR Manager, Zyad Tikanouine, told Gaming Target via e-mail that the long awaited first patch for Crysis will be released today, or at least news about the impending patch.

Hi Patrick,
a full update will be released on our community board today. Check it out.


Zyad Tikanouine
Product PR Manager

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likeaboss3023742d ago

Now I just need the uber PC to run the game. While the game looks good it's not OMG I'm that much better then the UE3 engine good that it kills every piece of PC hardware out there. I have a feeling the code still needs a lot of work because from what I read this game doesn't even use multiple cores properly.

INehalemEXI3742d ago

It is the most impressive looking fps ive ever played.

Charlie26883742d ago

I hope the patch is able to optimize...SOMETHING so gamers can gain at least a few fps (as the NVIDIA drivers did)

Noodlecup3742d ago

People who haven't played it/don't play PC games shouldn't really speak on it, it annoys me that false information is passed around about PC requirements for new games.

"Hey dude, did you hear you need to upgrade your video card once a month to keep up with PC games?!"

"Sh!t dude, I heard it also costs $5000 to afford a PC capable of running crysis"

Incorrect, I run crysis at 1440x900, 2xAA all other settings on high, less important ones on medium and get a framerate of 40-60ish with some slowdown (rare) even all on low it still looks better than an xbox 360 game.

Charmers3742d ago

Noodlecup you have convinced me there is hope for humanity. It is great to see someone speaking sense for once. Just for the record my PC cost me £500 ($1000) and it plays Crysis on High at 1440 x 900. So please to other people shut up about it needing a $5000 PC.

I mean sure if you want to run the game at 1600 x 1200 (practically 1200p, hell the PS3 only goes up to 1080p) of course you are going to need a PC that costs half the GDP of Outer Mongolia.

TheIneffableBob3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

GamingTarget misunderstood the PR manager. Zyad meant that a full status update on the patch was coming today, not the patch itself. The full status update, viewable on ( ), states that the patch is estimated to be released the first week on January.

SwiderMan3742d ago

Gaming target mentions that the PR's vague e-mail says that "the long awaited first patch for Crysis will be released today, >>or at least news about the impending patch<<."

Actually, not only does it say that on Gaming Target, it says it above on n4g. TheIneffableBob, there's no excuse for your poor reading habbits.