Twisted Metal Review (Proven Gamer)

After a decade of rest Twisted Metal has come back to wreak havoc upon the PlayStation 3. David Jaffe returns with all the favorites for veterans who grew up with the franchise, including some stuff that makes it feel like a new series, hopefully bringing in some new “Twisted” fans.

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BitbyDeath2490d ago

Got my copy yesterday and played a bit last night. Very nostalgic, though i think i'll change my controls back to classic mode as i had set them to race.

Bit disappointed there are only 3 stories considering Black had at least double that.

soundslike2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

race seems ok until you realize that having 4 fingers to control shooting both weapons simultaneously AND being able to select weapons is incredibly more effective than just using your thumb

straydog822490d ago

This game is like a time machine for older players.

Biohazard88602490d ago

Awesome game but online needs to get fixed asap