Warner Bros: No plans for Mortal Kombat PC but we have been gauging interest about it

DSOGaming writes: "Warner Bros sent us a press release for Mortal Kombat's Komplete Edition and what's really interesting is that the company decided to pick a side and inform us whether Mortal Kombat would actually hit the PC or not. Given the fact that some other triple-A fighting games are on the PC (or coming), someone would assume that both NetherRealm and Warner Bros would gladly jump on the PC-wagon, right? Well, it seems that this acclaimed part of our beloved fighting series won't hit our platform anytime soon, however there is still hope."

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beastlysensation2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

hahaha, keep it. We have sf and sf x tekken coming out. PC gamers like the hardcore, deep fighting games not a juggler with limited depth and casual gameplay. We dont play for fun, we play to get better and be competitive. Also, if youre going to do it, dont follow mk arcade collection and go for GFWL. It is so broken the game is unplayable. Follow remedys way, go on steamworks and make it a good port and you will get sales. PC gamers want to be respected, not slapped on the face with a shotty port. Remedy did it right with alan wake, and after2 days they are making profit.

Chrono2490d ago

I have the PS3 version but I wish they release MK games on the PC in the future.

NukaCola2490d ago

I never played one on PC. Out of curiosity, how do you play a fighter with a keyboard?

2490d ago
john22490d ago

@zlad: yeap, awesome matches with a friend of mine in the special edition of MK1&2. Two players using one keyboard. Man, that was intense

Chrono2490d ago

I have several programmable controllers.

beastlysensation2490d ago

man, i play this Abel on PC. From my region. He has over 6k Player points and over 12k battle points and he plays witha keyboard. Hes fucking pro, and this is super street fighter with fadcs and all that technical stuff.