Blizzard On Diablo 3: Lower Your Expectations

In the months before their game's release, most developers spend every waking moment trying to convince you that it's going to be Jesus in video game form. However, Blizzard is trying a different tactic with Diablo 3. They're telling people to keep their expectations low.

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Ares84HU2485d ago

Very smart!!! I like developers who are humble.

soundslike2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Well the hype for this game is well beyond reality. Its probably going to be the best *dungeon crawler* ever.

its nothing truly "new" in terms of core mechanics gameplay. Its not like they are breaking ground, or even attempting to. Its been obvious that they are making the best "Diablo" they can make.

Daver2485d ago

After all those cuts that sounds weird.

CalvinKlein2485d ago

THATS OK, All I want is more Diablo PLS.

beastlysensation2485d ago

after playing that expectations are so low its not even funny. Might as well make this a console game..oh wait. Right, now i know i wont buy this POS.