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It's nothing new for a fighting game franchise to package new characters, balance changes, and a few new modes as a totally new release. Ever since the days of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting on the SNES, fighting game developers have been releasing what were essentially updates as stand-alone titles.

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KeybladeMaster2484d ago

Meh it's their opinion.

By far it's my favorite game in the Vita's launch. And that's saying a lot. I play it everyday since I got it. There is so much packaged with the game including the clamity trigger story. I honestly went into the game very cautious and it eclipsed every game I have on the Vita. I don't know about the PS3 or 360 versions but if you own the Vita you must get this game. I can't say enough good things.

Baka-akaB2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I guess it's a case of how much you value the story changes , the extras and complete rebalance .

Either way i disagree with the rating .

The game needed not only another rebalance , but a version containing every downloadable . As a full package and not full price , it is extremely worth it .

As extras , for those caring about the story modes not only get new story modes for chars that had none as dlc , (basically 4 new story modes) , but also a retelling of the whole original story .

I also disgagree with one of the premise . I always disliked the idea of dlc characters very detrimental with the concept of playing a fighting game locally in various places .

Hardly every owners of blazblue bothered with the dlc characters . The last one even took many months to be released due to issues with xbl and psn , and by then everyone knew a new version was coming .

Pretty much everyone getting the dlc chars knew they'd be in a newer version .

Folks around here keep whining about the least important things such as story modes in fighting games , and when a game actually cater to that , they'll latch upon something else to complain about .

Many complained about the dlcs chars , and now a disc version is there , complaints
People complain about dlc addon and rebalance ? A disc appears ... "why isnt this a dlc ?"

Hicken2484d ago

Meh. Shitty review. No context for those that, say, haven't played CS.

Ah. CSE gets a 2 while MW3 got a 4.4? Yeah, not taking this site seriously ever.

Cablephish2484d ago

Yeah, I'm one of the people who got Calamity Trigger, and now I'm gonna play that portion of the story again, then move on to the Continuum Shift story.

And yeah, it's funny how they rate games isn't it?
CSE is just a compilation of everything Blazblue so far, so if you think about it, should people even bother reviewing this game?

h311rais3r2484d ago

I can't find this game anywhere!