David Jaffe Loses Mind Over PSN's Stability

"When Twisted Metal was revealed during Sony's E3 2010 Press Conference by the one and only, David Jaffe, the gaming industry erupted in excitement as the franchise that birthed its own genre with vehicular combat was set to make a return on the PlayStation 3. After 20 months of anticipation for Twisted Metal’s debut on the PlayStation 3, many early adopters have run into complications while attempting to wreak havoc online."

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LX-General-Kaos2251d ago

PSN has worked just fine with the games i played on it. No problems with warhawk, uncharted 2, killzone games, or really anything besides Playstation home. I hope he finds a way to work things out.

rdgneoz32251d ago

I think they have fixed things pretty much. I know at the start it was taking me like several minutes to actually get into a game, and part of the time you'd have an afk host not even starting it. Now I'm getting into pretty much every game, with a tenth of the network errors I use to get. Still getting the game freeing issue once in a while though.

Larry L2251d ago

Well based on his judging skills in the past episode of The Tester, maybe all his testers for the new Twisted Metal all gave him their bug/glitch reports in spanish even though he doesn't speak spanish himself. He seems to think that would be perfectly acceptable when good communication is absolutely key when fixing software issues. But what do I know, I'm only a lowly gamer.

But the fact is, if Killzone 2's online was completely flawless in terms of connection stability, hit detection and all that other good stuff, while keeping Killzone 2's visual quality, while running all those animations, and displaying all those particle 2009.............but Twisted Metal's online isn't flawless while not having to keep track of NEARLY the amount of player data and game data..........that's obviously an issue on the developer/software side, not network or hardware side.

LiquifiedArt2251d ago

This is poorly reported.

Twisted Metal Online mode has ZERO to do with PSN.
Each developer implements their own Online framework.
Blame Eat Sleep Play not Sony, who funded the game.

Come on guys, all you internet gamers need to grow up and learn about real-world development.

Enigma_20992251d ago

How long you been on this site, man?

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Legionaire20052251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Uhhh did you hear what David Jaffe said 2 videos ago? He said it is Sony's part, the developers already done their part!!!! Why everybody giving this guy agrees like he knows what he is talking about? No dude you grow up. The fact of the matter is this shouldn't happen at launch!!! Its going to look bad if these issue still are not fix, cause games like Mass Effect 3, SSX, Syndicate, Binary Domain, and even Street Fighter X Tekken, could all have better online play.

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bahabeast2251d ago

if all my other games work fine on psn i dnt know how its the network fault i think if anything its something wrong with twisted metal game

Biohazard88602251d ago

Hopefully it gets fixed very soon very very fun game when u can play it online! but i find an issue joining friends games it just wont let me connect 2 them or when i wanna invite them they dont even show up on my friends list :/ does anyone have this problem on TM also ?

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