Q&A: Sony’s Game Design Chief Talks PlayStation Vita

Vita’s high-powered tech and console-quality software make it a great value for $250, the head of Sony’s worldwide game development studios said in an interview with Wired at the 2012 DICE Summit earlier this month. Nintendo launched its competing 3DS platform at the same price point last year, but quickly slashed it to $170 after disappointing sales. Sony will release the PlayStation Vita in the United States on Wednesday.

Yoshida also dished out status updates on a few missing-in-action Sony products, like the oft-delayed PlayStation 3 game The Last Guardian, the PlayStation Suite framework for indie game development and downloadable PlayStation 1 games on Vita.

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violents2492d ago

psone classics are a joke. They took out the reverse compatibility in ps3s because they said it wasn't cost effective and people did'nt use it enough to necessitate the reverse tech, but then they start selling the games in a downloadable format and calling them classic. I CALL BULLSHIT! Give me back my reverse compatiblity that i bought in the first place and stop trying to sell me games i've already bought in the past.

If you already own the game you should be able to download it for free. The dev already made money on you. You shouldn't have to pay for it twice.

Skateboard2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

If you have a PSONE CD, you can play it on your PS3.

Also my PS3 plays PS2 games.

Ulf2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

You have always been able to play PSOne games in ANY PS3, at ANY time.

It was PS2 BC that they removed, after the early models. NOT PSOne. Near-complete PSOne BC has been present in every PS3 ever made. If you still own a PSOne game... just slide it into the PS3, and you're set.

Most PSOne games look sweet on the PS3, with the screen smoothing. You should try it... before complaining about an issue that's not present. =)

violents2490d ago

frankly im not concerned about ps1 games, I have a ps2 games i wanted to play on my ps3 and i could with my original release 60Gig but that one got the YLOD and now i have a 120gig that doesn't play those games so tell me more about how this is an issue that doesn't exist.

Ulf2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


PS2 games are not generally available on the store for repurchase. There are only ~10 of them even present, and they are all rare, wierd classics -- I sincerely doubt you owned more than a couple of them, if that.

You were talking about PS1 games, hence, the response. Sony is not asking you to "repurchase" anything on the store that you cannot already play at home with a disc.

nikoado2492d ago

It was PS2 BC they removed.All PS3's can play PSone games.

I think PSone games are emulated but PS2 games required PS2 hardware.

They took out the PS2 GPU for the European launch of the PS2 which kinda annoyed me. We paid far more for the 60GB PS3 and then PS2 compatibility was reduced from like 97% to about 60ish%.

I think they took out the CPU and all other PS2 hardware in the slim model.

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Knight_Cid2492d ago

they keep making this mistake.

Console quality means nothing

Console graphical fidelity is what he means.


jacksons982492d ago

Seems like a really straight forward guy. I like that. Good interview.