Videogamer Reviews Warhawk: Omega Dawn - 8/10

Videogamer writes:

"The new ship and the new map look fantastic, and Omega Factory does seem to be slightly better graphically than the previous levels. It combines sleek futurist lines with an antique style that evokes a feel for ancient civilizations long ago redundant. Other than that everything here will be familiar. The same irresistible gameplay keeps you coming back for more, and the intensity of the action never fails to excite and challenge. If anything proves that the PlayStation 3 will one day rival the might of the 360's online services, it is Warhawk and this brilliant Omega Dawn expansion."

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Baba19063593d ago

hihi the only problem at the moment is that everyone wants to try the new vehicle and nobody really cares about the zones lol =D but awsome fun.

kiko893593d ago

i just keep trying to kill the damn things

Jinxstar3593d ago

Yeah its pretty decent. Been playin a bit but man I have lost some skill in this game. My KDR is droppin like mad everytime I log in =P

r10003593d ago

OH man... I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one suffering from this... the only difference I really haven't stopped playing for a long period of time... I think I was away from it for only 2 weeks, and now it seems like I suck?? I just can't stay alive in that game??

Jinxstar3593d ago


Nah I took quite a long break. I used to remember being pretty good =P My brother is having the same problems man. No worries.

eagle213593d ago

This is one reason why PSN is the place to be. HOME will be free, you really think people are going to pass up on a free service this damn good. Man, please. Sony is moving on up in the online gaming arena quick! You can't beat a revolutionary FREE service. NEVER!

JOLLY13593d ago

I wonder what you meant by that? Double negatives are so hard to understand.....Is the person an idiot and mis-spoke? did they really mean it as a positive? I'm just playing calm down.

novaIS3503593d ago

Why does everything this generation need a review?

Polluted3593d ago

The fanboy wars are getting a little out of control, but reviews are nothing new. Gaming mags have always reviewed just about everything that came out. I think the difference now is we have access to every single review out there through the internet so it's a little more obvious.

novaIS3503593d ago

of course, but this is an 8 dollar expansion pack. The game has been reviewed multiple times already. Ehh, I yearn for the golden days of gaming when platforms and reviews meant nothing.

ravinash3593d ago

Reviews mean nothing now!

INehalemEXI3593d ago

My skills rusty too. Yup, best downloadable 4 sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.