Delayed Rock Band selling for $500 in Canada

Edmonton-based Play Me Games has taken stock of around 50 units of Rock Band from a broker in the states and is presently selling the game for a whopping $500. While such a price would frighten off most consumers, demand for Rock Band is so high that Play Me Games saw more than half of its supply flying from the store by yesterday afternoon.

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chester3644d ago

i'm from calgary, about 3 hours south, and have been to that store and have even saw the manager selling a copy of the game to a guy for $500 bucks about a week and a half ago. that store is the biggest rip-off you could imagine. 89.99 for a wireless controller for either system. ds games for 59.99, 360 and ps3 games for 89.99 for the regular copies. i never understood how they stayed in business. people should just freaking relax and wait for the actual release from somewhat reputable stores.

Hollywood813644d ago

Ya im from Edmonton and have known not to buy anything from them for a long time. I am not surprised at all that they are selling them for 500 or that they were trying to sell them for 800. I agree with chester completely on wondering how they stay in business. I guess there are enough suckers out there to keep them in business. I like to go in there ever once in a while and see the outrageous prices that they have for everything. The guy in there always asks me if i want a deal on some stuff and I ask him if he'll sell for x amount(normal price) and he says no. So i tell him im going to buy it for that price at the HMV on the other side of the mall and walk out. Usually laughing!!!