Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Impressions (PlanetXbox360)

People tend to fear the unknown, which explains the skeptical reaction from gamers when news broke of a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. The first two installments were amazing in their single-player approach, so gamers were confused as to why BioWare would want to switch things up by throwing in new game modes. After all, change is so 2008. Fear no more, over-reactive fanboys! I have spent a good amount of time playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and am happy to report it has been a blast. Any anxiety about a tacked-on mode will be squelched when you and three of your friends begin fighting wave after wave of enemy Cerberus agents.

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Megaton2485d ago

It has largely won me over. There's a great deal of depth that I wasn't expecting.

Summons752485d ago

nice they brought back the lighting effects from the first, but I didn't like how I couldn't put away my gun in between combat. Didn't like the action focus either wish they went back to rpg like the they said they would (but I knew that was a joke). I enjoyed it but it still is not the Mass Effect that hooked me long ago. need to see what happens to my save file but with great hesitation, and the multiplayer is crap not to mention it dose not need it.

DaveMan2485d ago

It's crap in YOUR OPINION. Because there's a great deal of people that think the mp is just sound like one of those "Multiplayer ruins the singleplayer type of people"..

Summons752485d ago

well when the it is a story focused game and multiplayer takes away from the singleplayer then yes. Don't get me worng multiplayer is perfectly fine for games that are multiplayer focus but not everything needs multiplayer. Bioshock, Dead Space 2 and plenty of other games have had multiplayer needlessly added to it and it took away from the overall product. You sound like one of those people who play call of duty 24/7 and cry when another game focuses on a story and good gameplay experience.

Blacktric2485d ago

Joined 12 days ago and claims ME 3 isn't an RPG. Shocker... Oh and multiplayer portions of Dead Space 2 and Bioshock 2 were horrible and unncessary. Mass Effect 3's multiplayer is incredibly addicting and fun an it's co-op only. So don't use those two games as an excuse to throw mud at ME3 co-op.

pandehz2485d ago

I love the Mp in this game.

Also love how the combat feels fluid and faster. Thank god ME series is not like the classical DnD.

I like the new pace.