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Playstation VITA Store revamped with embedded in-game Screenshots of Games

With every successive Playstation Store update Sony have been introducing something new leading to the Launch of Playstation Vita.

Here is an interesting addition to the already cool PSN Store design. Now Sony have included a Few in-game Screenshots in the Description tab of a particular PS Vita game. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid)

geniusgamerdoc  +   869d ago
Definitely a Smart move which actually increases the aesthetic value as well as ease of Navigation while choosing to buy a Game cutting short an extra step to have a gander at the Screenshots.
fluffydelusions  +   869d ago
I hope PSV gets custom theme support as well.
darthv72  +   869d ago
screenshots...great idea
Id like to see them add in simple gameplay videos as well. Not where you have to download them but just watch simple streams of 30 seconds or so of what it would look like.

There are some ps3 games on the store that have a "preview" but I think there should be more. Especially when it comes to vita games. Im sure people can just go to youtube to see that but shouldnt that be something the store has too?
WitWolfy  +   869d ago
@darth, I agree nothing is more irritating than choosing a game by star ratings. Come on Sony add some screen shots AT LEAST!
ABizzel1  +   868d ago
Loving my Vita
Snookies12  +   869d ago
Yeah, I was talking about this for a while. The PS3's Japanese PSN gets screenshots for their games in the descriptions, so I was wondering why we don't. Glad we're at least getting that for the Vita store. ^^
geniusgamerdoc  +   869d ago
I never Knew Japanese Store had Screenshots on the Store..

On the Jap Store, were the Screenshots only for the PS3 games or also the PSP and Vita games?
Snookies12  +   869d ago
I believe they were for PSP and Vita games as well, I'm not sure... I mainly went on there for PS3 demos haha.
farhad2k8  +   869d ago
Anyone else get in on the Uncharted misprice?
£0.79 for the FULL GAME! About 2 hours ago. They've fixed it now. I hope Sony don't get rid of it :(
StanSmith  +   869d ago
Yeah i got it. I wasn't planning on purchasing a Vita, but if Sony let me keep Uncharted for 79p then i will definitely be purchasing one. I'm just waiting to see what happens now.
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KillerPwned  +   869d ago
It is about damn time they do this...Now just do it with the PS3 store.
Blaine  +   869d ago
Yup, they should have done this a long time ago!

It's not easy to commit to a purchase if you know nothing about a product... I always go online and watch some videos, maybe read some reviews. But I'm sure the majority of people don't bother doing that and just don't buy the game instead.

Having simple things like screens and video previews will help sales.
smashcrashbash  +   869d ago
Ummm.... I could be wrong but I think the PSN store does have video previews. I have looked at a few of them myself.
Blaine  +   869d ago
I've never seen that option. But then again, I've never even had the comics store for PSP either. Could it be because I'm in NA/ Canada/ Quebec?
MacUser1986  +   869d ago
Be nice to see that feature on American PS3's.
BitbyDeath  +   869d ago
Disagree, all PS3's would be better
svoulis  +   869d ago

Press the PS button and start to take screen shots...

Once again..

PS button and start at the same time...

geniusgamerdoc  +   869d ago

Double Check whether the Charge pin is inserted to the Vita with PS logo facing Upwards.
Inserting it in the wrong way will still snugly fit but fails to Charge the Battery at all.
svoulis  +   869d ago
Yeah it worries me a bit, did you see how thin the port is inside..scary stuff
illmatic  +   869d ago
i hope this update comes to the actual Vita. I have been wanting this since day 1. *crosses fingers*
solidt12  +   869d ago
They already put the store update on the Indian store. Im on my Vita now and i keep checking but no US update yet.
myps4  +   869d ago
This Move of reducing the PSN Pricing definitely implies 2 Things --

1) Shatter the USED GAMES Market totally
2) Increase the Sales of expensive VITA Memory Cards
Kurisu  +   869d ago
It wont shatter the used game market. Some of the PSN prices are the same, some are more expensive, and some are cheaper (but not by much). Also remember PSN prices are static, unless there are offers etc. Unless PSN prices are adjusted from time to time then people will still buy / trade in at retail.
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Scholla  +   869d ago
I've been meaning to look more into the the PS vita, thanks for the details.
CynicalVision  +   869d ago
That's very awesome, the next thing the store could benefit from would be short user reviews.
Surfman  +   869d ago
does anybody knows if the Vita can play PSOnes classics yet with this new update?
J@D  +   869d ago
not yet man. I'm also waiting for this :D
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coryok  +   869d ago
if you have an internet connection you can play ps1 games on vita, with remote play.

cant wait until i can play them straight from my vita though :(

on a side note, i hope they improve remote play a great deal. they should let me play lots of games, not just ps1 games/minis and a few others
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tiffac008  +   869d ago
Oh I never thought of that one, thanks for the tip.
josephayal  +   869d ago
OH YEA! Tomorrow
Sikct9a  +   869d ago
FIFA looks and runs insane on the Vita. I'm very, very happy with my new toy.
myps4  +   869d ago
FIFA on Vita is a Wonderful game but the Pricing is Insanely high:::;;))
PiperMCFierceson  +   869d ago
Good dam I can't wait no more for ths thing I'm ready to go to gs and demand it.
ilovepsvita  +   869d ago
its really wonderful to know that every VITA game on the Store has either a DEMO or a FREE TRIAL which is totally commendable considering the high price of the games

Screenshots also look gorgeous.

I wanted Game manuals with the games though
TheRacingX  +   869d ago
I got my Vita early, and LOVE IT! Stardust is great, Uncharted yup, Target has a buy 2 get 1 free sale this week , so I'll be getting some new Vita games
GCFOX  +   869d ago
Wow. Awesome!
gtxgamer2  +   869d ago
Where is the PS Store update!? (north american)
izumo_lee  +   869d ago
Here in canada we have yet to see an update yet. I guess they are still preparing for tomorrows launch cause they are already launching in Europe.
BrunoM  +   869d ago
i kep lookong at the store here in toronto canada (canadian store) errr where are my apps and new demos
izumo_lee  +   869d ago
yeah i am on the west coast (Vancouver) and still nothing. i am like every 10-15 mins opening up the ps store only to see last weeks stuff :(
BrunoM  +   869d ago
hehe lol same here every 10 15 mins i turn my vita on so i check the store .... wanna try the apps and demos
myps4  +   869d ago
The PS Vita Store is up and running in the INDIAN and European Stores.
The US Store might very well go up anytime now.
Frequently check the US Playstation Blog Website and the Store.

Gravity Rush DEMO should have been included.
Octo1  +   869d ago
WTF? Seriously today its REALLY late? N statements on Why? NONE! Did I miss an announcement that the update will be moved to Wednesday due to the Vita launch?
LOL_WUT  +   869d ago
PSN store hurry up and update!!
izumo_lee  +   869d ago
PSN Store in canada is UPDATED FINALLY!!! hallelujah!
-MD-  +   869d ago
Little late to the party with this now aren't we? Steam and 360 have been doing this for years.
delosisland  +   868d ago
No impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xbox live is a terrible service u fool!
WitWolfy  +   869d ago
Too bad they are keeping a tight lip about the PS3 game remote play feature, thats the MAIN reason I want one. ATM PSV only plays this remotely... What a joke!

FinaLXiii  +   868d ago
Red Dead Redemption is enabled for remote play so ive heard
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WitWolfy  +   868d ago
Thats with the PS3 running on 3.55 CFW though, and patching any PS3 game somehow to make it play games remotely
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kasasensei  +   869d ago
And still not a fucking clue about the size of the contents and games. How can we guess the size? FIX THAT.
matey  +   868d ago
3ds eshop has videos of upcoming games and games that are out already i think the eshop is the best digital shop newcomer in years and it will get frightfully better screenshots are on there too in 3D this is nothing new.

The only difference will be Sony will put bullshots up where as 3ds will have realistic screen shots that represent the actual game infact ive seen some screens got the game and it looks miles better on the actual retail release.
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Kintypoo121  +   868d ago
Awesome news! Used to really annoy me having to either blindly buy PSP games on PSN based on ratings or having to search the internet for screenshots of a game I wanted. Makes sense having it all in one area much like Android and Apple stores do.

Good move Sony!
Skateboard  +   868d ago
I'm waiting for MLB the Show 12 to come out, I'm just playing demos for now.
paddystan  +   868d ago
Vita games on PS Store are way cheaper than on shops here in Norway. :) So I bought Rayman Origins.
Allowen  +   868d ago
Is it possivel to see and buy PS3 content from a PSVITA ?
Because from the PSP I can only see things to download that are compatible with this system only.

It sucks really, I mean, you can check/buy stuff at the PSNStore from the PS3 and a PC(Media GO /PC only) and not from the PSP or Mac computer.

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