First Fail For The Vita? The Carnival Of The Digital Pricing [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: The Playstation Vita is turning out to be a sneaky little piece of kit, and no mistake. First came the console's price tag: sitting just above £200 for the base unit, the sleek, black capsule of virtual trickery glared down from pre-order pages daring you to buy it. It looked so good, but would it be worth the money? Would gamers be better off waiting to see what the launch lineup held or, better still, postponing the decision until six months in and checking out the landscape then? Could it really rival the PS3's graphics? Could Sony deliver a plethora of triple A titles at launch?

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fluffydelusions2254d ago

Pricing pricing pricing is all I hear. Please show me a rival device with quad core cpu and gpu, dual analogs etc...Well?

NukaCola2254d ago

Pricing was never an issue, but now it is. Flip flopping and hate is all the media knows.

smashcrashbash2254d ago

Pricing was not an issue before until Nintendo dropped theirs and Sony didn't. Now that is all we hear about. People thought it would be $400 and more and now that it isn't they still cry about it.

LOGICWINS2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Correction...pricing was never an issue to HARDCORE gamers who understand Vita's specs. The same doesn't hold true for other markets.

You honestly believe that a $250 price point has nothing to do with Vita being readily available on Gamestop's website?

I'm not a very religious person, but your eyes man. If consumers in general made purchases in regards to value as opposed to pricing/heavy marketing, then the PS3 would be the #1 selling console worldwide since it has more value than a 360/Wii.

Outside_ofthe_Box2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

"If consumers in general made purchases in regards to value as opposed to pricing"

Yes they do. It's a combination of both actually.

Honestly, if you were to take a random dude and showed him all the things the Vita could do and then asked how much do he thinks the Vita is worth, I DOUBT the answer would be $180. People buy what they can afford at the end of the day. The Vita isn't a cheap electronic to begin with so consumers shouldn't expect it to be cheap. People make purchases in regards to value in regards to what they can afford.

Dante1122254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Media: Oh, the PS Vita is probably gonna be atleast $500 US. If it's cheaper than $350 US, I will buy one Day 1. Haha!

*E3 comes*

Media: O.O....Oh wow. Great Pricing. Sony's learning.

*Time passes, Nintendo come out and drops price later*

Media: Fail. Wth Sony! WAY TOO expensive for a Vita. Jeez. Still stuck in their old ways I see. I can buy a smartphone for $600 with $1 dollar games *mumbles under breath* that are the same as PS3/Vita games.

Sony can't catch a break.

Edit: Anyone from remember this lol (Journalist tries Yoshida)?

Emilio_Estevez2254d ago

Wario isn't a journalist. He's a neogaf troll.

CernaML2254d ago

Haha Yoshida straight up told him to STFU.

360GamerFG2253d ago

It may not have rivals with equal specs, but joe average gamer doesn't care about those, he cares about games and price.

cervantes992253d ago

I hate Joe Average :)

Joe Average is a sheep with no brain in his head.

Blues Cowboy2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Vita pricing isn't an issue - not in the real world and not in that article. The Vita's good value in my book and I don't think anyone's saying differently? But the download games and memory cards are a separate issue entirely.

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FuzzyPixels2254d ago

Pricing will always be an issue for anyone other than the blind faithful, but that's not really the point of the article. Rather it presents an opinionated look at the potential Sony had to make a statement with their digital pricing for blockbuster titles on the Vita.

Considering the precarious nature of UK high street retail at the moment, not to mention the year on year increase in digital distribution, one would suggest that pricing is a key topic of the moment.

Mikhail2254d ago

Digital pricing would not go down if Sony as well as other manufacturers are also accommodating the retail crowd. Why? their distributors would lose their additional income if the digital prices have a big gap. I thought one Sony representative as well as either MS/Ninty mentioned this before. Yet, no one remembers (gamers/journalist alike)

Blues Cowboy2253d ago

Erm, why are consumers defending high download prices? I think the Vita's awesome and *great* value hardware, but what's wrong with calling out Sony for artificially high PSN RRPs and lack of 32GB memory cards in Europe?

Sony had an opportunity to properly undercut traditional retail, and for now at least, they blew it. I can be a Sony fan and still acknowledge that!

Mikhail2253d ago

I explained it in my post. Eurogamer has an article wherein a Sony rep explained this. Right now, they are balancing retail and digital which is quite difficult to do.

Tanir2253d ago Show
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