Uncharted: Golden Abyss for 79p? Oh, go on then…

NAGF: "Red faces at Sony tonight, as floods of people were able to download PS Vita’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss for an incredible 79p.

"A keen-eyed observer noticed that the Golden Abyss Treasure Map DLC pack on PSN was actually the full game. Priced at 79p, lucky users were presented with the full game – a whopping 3,384mb of Drake’s latest adventure instead of some lame-ass DLC."

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ANIALATOR1362252d ago

could have told everyone earlier...

dazreah2251d ago

Bloody hell there was DLC out for it already!! But nice for all who got the game cheap.

resistance1002251d ago

It's just a treasure match.

Basically for those who don't want to look themselves during the game. (trophy-whores mainly lol)

phantomexe2251d ago

Well i hope you guys are right i'm going go ahead and pick up the vita after all today. Uncharted is to big for me to pass up. I hope we see more uncharted vita games in the future.I hope sony adds things like being able to tab out of games to use the net with it while the game is still runing. I'd love to see SE drop FF7 crisis core as a psp download so i could finally play it on the vita.

Kurisu2251d ago

Forget Crisis Core, give me Type-0!

tridentmorph2251d ago

I was lucky enough to get this, was just downloading loads of stuff and didn't even realise till later. Result.

Linzoid2251d ago

I managed to download it for 79p :-)

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