Full Syndicate Single Player Campaign

Full Syndicate single player playthrough with all the cutscenes.

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explicitd2492d ago

I've been on the fence about this game, I'll probably just rent it

dski10802492d ago

I think with a good group of co-op friends, this game will be worth the money.

Reborn2492d ago

I agree. Though, I met a few good people on the demo. However, I also met a lot of people who didn't have no clue that staying in the small room wasn't going to win the game.

CanadianTurtle2492d ago

What engine is this made on? In terms of presentation, it really reminds me of crysis2. I'm referring to the environments and stuff. But not bad, it looks nice.

I love the fact that the HUD is so so immersive. Theres never a reading screen, its all within the game. I mean look at the gun, it shows the ammo capacity and everything. All the info is just amazingly transitioned with the game universe. I like that, its kind of what Dead Space did.

STONEY42492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's Starbreeze's own engine, since that's what they've always used. All of their games have had pretty nice graphics, with an emphasis on shadows and surreal lighting.

gdogg9792492d ago

I'm confused??

it says the whole single player campaign yet the video is only 15 mins long?

is that title worded bad or am i just being a retard?

kerstetter2492d ago

That's just the first video/level. The rest of the game is split up into separate videos for each level.