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Submitted by geniusgamerdoc 1453d ago | news

Indian PSN Store Updated with all things PS Vita

Great news to fellow hardcore gamers who have pre-ordered the Playstation Vita in India. The Indian Playstation Store has been Updated with a huge selection of PSVITA Games, Add-ons, Demos, Top picks, Videos and Minis.

The Digital download Pricing of most of the Games is surprisingly less compared to their Retail counterparts. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid)

geniusgamerdoc  +   1453d ago
Surprisingly in contrast to the EU store, the Indian Digital pricing is pretty cheap compared to the retail Card Vita games.
Ramon3MR  +   1453d ago
donsterydo  +   1453d ago
Lucky them :)
Deathcon  +   1453d ago
Half-Mafia  +   1453d ago
Im pretty happy with some of the prices for digital copies.

But Fifa is a joke £45 on the Store when I can get it for £35 from Asda.
geniusgamerdoc  +   1453d ago
Hope I receive my Vita bundle Tomorrow.

Every second of wait feels like a day now.
solidt12  +   1453d ago
im still waiting on the USA update. I thought we would have it by now.
tiffac008  +   1453d ago
All I'm waiting for is the Youtube app and that would make my day :)

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