Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review (LMG)

Alan is trapped inside an episode of Night Springs he wrote early in his career. Night Springs is the Twin Peaks like show we were first introduced to in the original title by turning on TV’s in various places. Whats worse is he is not only trapped inside an episode but also trapped in Arizona. You are thrust into a search for Mr. Scratch, Alan’s doppelganger while once again battling the creatures of the darkness called the Taken. Will Alan, the champion of the light survive his own episode?

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gotgame19852486d ago

I see this is averaging a 8 on all mos every site, so I'm guessing this must be a pretty descent download. truth be told even if every site gave this game a 3 I still would buy it cause I like the disc version that much, I buy the games that I won't to play regardless of what reviewers think. and then this will only be 15 or 20 bucks you can take that risk your self.