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"When you think of insanely difficult games, Ninja Gaiden usually comes to mind. Following its successful original release on the Xbox, Tecmo re-released the game on various platforms to showcase it’s greatness. PS3 gamers were lucky enough to receive an improved version of Ninja Gaiden Black. The port was well received by PS3 fans and with the release on the PlayStation Vita, gamers can now play the game n the go." - JPS

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Summons752485d ago

nice review deffinetly have to pick this up. Anyone know if there are any dynasty warriors next reviews out yet?

admiralvic2485d ago

Shin Sangoku Musou Next is embargoed till tomorrow I believe. I just recall 100% that it's embargoed.

Summons752485d ago

ah alright, kinda what I figured thought i would ask anyway....thanks