PixlBit's Twisted Metal Review

PixlBit | Playing Twisted Metal is a lot like going to your ten year high school reunion. Sure it’s great to hang out with old friends, bask in nostalgia and relive some of the good ole days but at the end of it all you go home and thank god that you aren’t in high school anymore; that you’re not wearing the same clothes, that you aren’t living with your parents and that you aren’t as stupid as you were back then. But then again there are those like Twisted Metal that peaked in high school and would give anything to go back...

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LX-General-Kaos2250d ago

This score seems a tad bit low for such an amazing game. This guy must not be as big of a fan because i have NO complaints about the new twisted metal. (besides online connectivity)

Dojan1232250d ago

Reading the review I would have expect another .5 or full point more.

My copy comes in the mail today. Hopefuly I missed a lot of the connection frustrations I have been reading about. However, I am hearing MP is fun once you get a solid connection.

detroitmademe2250d ago

I Dont agree with the score or review&its not because im a fan.firstly i think the only reason this game may remind u of the old school is because thier aren't many car combat games to go around,outside of that this game is much different than previous titles.Its much faster,it has much more destruction &better balanced vehicles than b4.Thats like saying cod reminds you of ps one/PC Duke Nukem because it was 1 of the first fps to do it. Secondly most of this review was about the single player...Jaffe himself said that this was a multiplayer first game&if single player mattered so much then how does battlefield,COD,Killzone and just about every other shooter get a free pass on singleplayer.If u like online shooters u should definitely give this 1 a try.its a nice change of pace,trust me

ginsunuva2250d ago

This game is so underrated because reviewers suck at it and they keep dying.