Movie games – the best and worst

TVGB: "Everybody loves a good film. Everybody loves a good game. So, theoretically, everybody should love a mixture of the two. Therein lies the problem. This mixture is rarely ‘good’. Why is this though? I suppose it comes down to a matter of opinion in the end, but my opinion is that most games that are based on films feel rushed and without polish. Which games are some of the worst offenders and why is this?"

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CanadianTurtle2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Now that I look at it, there were actually a decent amount of cool movie based games. Even though they're made for quick bucks, I actually managed to think of some from the top of my head.

Bugs Life (PS1)
Aladdin (PS1)
Hercules (PS1)
Toy Story Racing (PS1)
Monsters Vs Aliens (Wii)

Brownghost2366d ago

X men origins is one of my favorites