PS Vita Has 'Limited Appeal' Thinks Pachter - Analyst Round-Up

NowGamer canvasses the opinion of industry analysts to assess the PS Vita's chances of post-launch success in a competitive handheld market.

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Dante1122256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Article in a nut shell.

"I think it has limited appeal. It is clearly best in class for handhelds, but the handheld market is shrinking due to cannibalization from iOS and smartphones," explained Pachter."

Smartphones vs handhelds with price comparisons (lol).

Colwyn2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I bought two ps vitas. Anyway, this Matey should fix deflated tyres

LX-General-Kaos2256d ago

From now on on N4G we should all work together as a force and ignore/report these types of articles. Turn N4G into a real news site like it was years and years ago.

yabhero2256d ago

This is a serious question. Is there a reason why you need two? you can't play 2 can you.

cervantes992256d ago

I also bought two Vitas. One for me and one for my wife :)

darthv722256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

meaning that while the rest of the world goes gaga over tablets/phones there is a core segment that will embrace the vita and what it offers.

If that means that i am a minority in the grand scheme of things....then i am happy to be a member.

Viva la vita!

edit: @yabhero yeah it may seem strange having more than one. but it makes gaming that much more fun if you have someone to play with. I have multiple psp's and of course the kids each have a ds.

It keeps them from fighting over who gets to play if they each have their own. we have one ps3 though and that is mine...all mine.

aceitman2255d ago

i bought 2 ,1 for me and one for my son he doesnt want the 3ds he has a dsi , so he was waiting for this, as i am .

MasterCornholio2255d ago

Don't you dare mention his name. Because I'm sure that in any moment he will return from his vacation and will resume bashing the Vita.


Godchild10202255d ago

I bought a first edition and I'm buying 2 more tomorrow. 2 are for boosting online trophies and the other one is for a friend who has limited funds.

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tehpees32256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Why does this guy still have his job? All he does is change his mind as and when stuff happens or states the blindingly obvious. If I was paid what Pachter gets for every time this guy either contradicted himself or predicted wrong I would be living in a mansion.

Statix2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

It really is amazing how some corporate executives or financial analysts can become so filthy rich, even when it's glaringly obvious they suck at their job.

America - Where dreams really can come true.

SilentNegotiator2255d ago

"but the handheld market is shrinking"

I'm sorry, didn't 3ds sell like 15 million in less than a year?

Pachter never uses facts or history in his predictions. He's a quack.

moparful992255d ago

He keeps comparing it to the astronomical numbers of smart phones which has boggled me for some time now.. ITS a dedicated gaming handheld not a phone quit comparing them... The games on smart phones are atrocious anyway that why I bought a vita.. I have a smart phone but it hasnt stopped me from buying a vita in the least...

GribbleGrunger2255d ago

exactly. phones are now universal in the same way TVs are. people want to communicate. yes, they also like playing games but they didn't buy the damned phone for games! games are just fillers for them while they wait for the taxi or wait for their partner to get back from gamestation with their Vita.

BitbyDeath2255d ago

If i had my way anything from Patcher would be banned.
The guy makes weather predictors look incredibly accurate.

TheTwelve2255d ago

Hey guys don't you know that Pachter is wrong 95% of the time? This is a GREAT article!


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LX-General-Kaos2256d ago

The man has no idea what he is talking about once again.

JoGam2256d ago

Seriously, please stop interview Pachter. No one really cares about his opinions anymore.

sikbeta2256d ago


You serious? he always claim obvious things as his predictions, in this one, his doing exactly the same :/

Ares84HU2256d ago

Isn't this always the case with him?!?!?

I keep on marveling on the fact that he still holds onto his job yet he is wrong about EVERYTHING.

skyward2256d ago

Think he might have a point about non-gamers - great device yes, but too expensive.

Ares84HU2256d ago

The "device" is made for gamers. Gamers are the target audience.

It's like complaining that this bike has limited appeal because the non-bikers won't be interested......well what can be said about such logic?

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disturbing_flame2256d ago

Pachter as a gamer knows exactly what gamers want.
Everybody knows that.
i mean obviously.

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