GAME won't stock Ubisoft Vita launch games

EuroGamer writes, "GAME has confirmed it will not stock Ubisoft's Vita launch games. Lumines, Michael Jackson, Rayman: Origins, Asphalt Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance get the chop."

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lugia 40002490d ago

Not putting rayman up for sale was a big mistake.

JoeReno2490d ago

I agree. I'm having a great time with Rayman, and I'm not really a sidescrolling platformer kind of guy... well because I suck at them. But I'm having fun with this one.

Instigator2490d ago

Hmm... I'm sure they'll gladly take your second hand games off your hands.

Dovahkiin2490d ago

For £5, GAME are awful when it comes to giving you money for games.

iamgoatman2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

To be fair, all game trade in services are terrible and offer you next to nothing. I was in CEX in Hereford the other day and they offered me £1.70 for Dead Space, Fallout 3, Quantum of Solace, Far Cry 2 and Stuntman Ignition. That's 5 games for £1.70, which is pretty disgusting, especially considering they had Fallout 3 on the shelves for £7 alone.

Best way to sell old games is either Ebay or the Amazon marketplace.

milohighclub2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Dude I bought ff13-2 on launch date from GAME for 43quid and got a voucher for 38trade in for as long as I traded within a fortnight, so I did for darkness 2 which then only cost me 2quid and also came with a trade in receipt of 35 quid. Bargain if u ask me.


With cex it all depends how many they have in stock. Check trade in prices on the website. I took a couple of blurays and a couple of games and got £70

Lucreto2490d ago

It looks like Game is on the way out.

They cancelled my Last Story CE yesterday so I went with Zavvi instead.

Vip3r2490d ago

Good. They are a rip off and their staff are arrogant as hell.

milohighclub2490d ago

I used to work at game and the staff we're lovely, they only get funny when they have to repeat shit 10x to the same customer.

I.e customer. I'd like to return this pc game

Staff: unfortunately it's been opened and we can't return it as the key may have been used.

Customer: I haven't even played it so I want my money back.

Staff:like I said I can't return it as its been opened.

Customer: y?

So on so forth, and trust me that happens like once an hour or so, more if it's a busy store.

Also staff have to deal with

cleaning, stacking shelves, sales, alpha alphabetising every game in store, then every case, Whilst you are alphabetising cases customers come look at the game then put it anywhere pick up another etc. then deal with complaints, (see complaing example) customer queries kids kicking off cos u won't sell them age rated games, catching shoplifters, dealing with the kids parent who's now coming in and threatening you as you wouldn't sell his 12yr old mw3

Everyday, for minimum wage and worse benefits than staff get. I.e staff can't use the trade in price match as they get discount.

Vip3r2488d ago

Yeah but I'm talking about the manager intentionally taking £10 off the trade in price and smirking about it. That's why I never have or will buy anything from them again.

StanSmith2490d ago

They're definitely on their way out. I have two stores locally and neither had any new stock. It was mostly filled with pre-owned games.

It sucks for the good staff in the company, but they were outnumbered by a bunch of useless, unhelpful morons.

I couldn't care if the company died now as it would be well deserved.

Lucreto2490d ago

I looked at the financial reports for GAME and they see pre-owned games are more profitable to them than new games.

They could keep the online shop going for new games but keep the actual shops for pre-owned games like some pawn shop.

StanSmith2490d ago

I'm not suprised they are more profitable. I took a stack of PS3 games there once and they offered me £42. After refusing, as i walked out of the store they were selling games for £35 that they offered me £8 for!

I went to HMV and then got over £100. That was the last time i traded in at Game.

Dakidog2490d ago

I think lumines is a game they'll wish they sold lol.

Rampaged Death2490d ago

Rayman and Lumines are probably the best Vita titles including Stardust. They will regret this.

smashcrashbash2490d ago

You forget UC:GA, Gravity Daze and Wipeout. Ubisoft's games are good but they are not the only good games.

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