Review Gotham City Impostors |

Crazy fighting in the streets of Gotham.
Version tested PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.

In today's day, it may seem crazy to produce a multiplayer only FPS, especially when applied to various digital platforms including PC console. The industry indeed seems unquestionably saturated with FPS. But products like Breach, Modern Combat Domination and Section 8 Prejudice, as well packaged and implemented, are plagued by a relentless and progressive aging that takes them beyond a shadow of doubt at the end of their cycle in a few months. The servers are emptying a full house after the first day post-launch, making it increasingly difficult to matchmaking.

Throw in the arena Gotham City Impostors considering this factor, then it seems a less unhealthy than it may first appear, especially if one considers the imaginative universe of reference. Despite the apparent incompatibility of the kind of reference with Batman, the title shamelessly exploits the success you are experiencing the Dark Knight, including the new trilogy of films signed by Nolan and two spectacular games made ​​in Rocksteady.

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