Nintendo Cannot Afford To Lose Handheld Battle With Sony

Chris Buffa (Modojo): In life, no one stays on top forever. Empires decline, as do sports teams. People grow old, and companies eventually bow out to hungrier competitors.

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Amazingmrbrock2371d ago

This is rather obvious I would think. It's kind of the name of the competition game. Roughly the same could be said about sony's handheld division.

The other option however is something like whats happening with home consoles where multiple units coexist.

Thatguy-3102371d ago

Just remember that Sony's 1st party will support the vita which should worry Nintendo

IronFistChinMi2371d ago

Depends on which studios. ND have already stated that they have no plans to develop for Vita.

I think Nintendo have the best 1st party devs anyway, can't see them worrying about that too much.

Yodagamer2371d ago

Except nintendo let there franchises stay with there actually developers most of the time, so they are equally good, while sony so far has sold out the ips they have to other people (and with ps vita reviews, they haven't been of top quality that we would get if sony had the original developers work on them)

jthamind2371d ago


Nintendo has arguably the three biggest franchises in gaming history on their handhelds (Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon), so i doubt they care what Sony's first party studios are doing with the Vita.

darthv722371d ago

nintendo is not competing with just sony but also the rising mobile gaming market. granted many will say gaming on a phone or tablet is not gaming. Same sentiment was felt way back when PC's were starting to be used for gaming.

Point is, gaming as a whole is on the rise thanks to the branching out onto other devices. The dedicated platform is always better than a multifunctional one in the sense that there 'should' be no compromise in the quality of the game.

I myself do not have a smartphone or tablet but i do recognize the cultural shift both platforms display when it comes to something neither dedicated platform (nintendo/sony) can offer 'currently'.

"Convenience". Once the exclusive playground of the portable game device has now opened up to 'almost' complete portability with entertainment and productivity with these other devices.

For nintendo or sony to not take that market seriously as a threat to their relevance would be platform suicide.

LX-General-Kaos2371d ago

Nintendo will be perfectly fine, and will likely dominate the hand held arena overall. As gamer we can already see that with the games the 3DS has out and up its sleeve. Nintendo is set to possibly out perform what was done with the original Nintendo DS. Which was already a monster.

Tanir2371d ago

yeeeaaaah tho 3ds's launch was horrible as well as the following 6 months after launch.

there arent many games coming either and the ones that look good are hindered by lack of second analog so you have to wait till the monster hunter comes out with the 2nd analog add on or wait for the new 3ds that has it as standard.

and yes nintendo will do this, they already segregated their users with the dsi and ds, theey would gladly do it this time for something more crucial aswell, and hopefully they do

n4gisatroll2371d ago

I feel, people shouldn't track all DS numbers as a collective because of Nintendo basically making the new version, and new handheld. It's like counting all Sony's consoles. They all play playstation 1 games.

FriedGoat2371d ago

The 3DS is probably the most disappointing handheld I have purchased in a long time. It may succeed in being more popular than the vita but don't tell me the software lineup will be better.
The lineup after nearly a year is PATHETIC and yes I have all these high selling games (3d land, mario kart, revelations). The DS launch and first year was waaay more impressive and exciting than adding 3D and a bit more power.

AdvanceWarsSgt2371d ago

I'm calling bull on your comment. The DS launch wasn't anything close to impressive nor was it even that much greater than the 3DS launch. And the 3DS first year blows the DS first year out the water in terms of games. So, either you never owned a DS at laucnh, you don't own a 3DS, or it's both.

Ser2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I've been a Nintendo handheld fan my entire life, but the 3DS, as a system, left much to be desired for this gamer. The system's game lineup was literally boring me to death, so I sold my limited edition TLoZ 3DS (with Star Fox 64) on eBay for $355.

The system may have a few good games coming later on in the year, but so far I haven't been impressed by anything. RE: Revelations wasn't all too spectacular either. I wanted to like the 3DS, but its delivering too little too late for me. I regret selling the system due to the impending Monster Hunter title, but I know deep down the Vita is getting one as well.

I couldn't care less about sales or records, I want games to play.

Jirachi2371d ago

Like ds it will sell well because casual players like things like 3d.
and like ds did it will have great games that gamers enjoy. so like wii should of been aimed at both casuals and hardcores with games to satisfy both groups.

Knight_Cid2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

sony seemed to do pretty ok with selling 80 million units

"Smart phone games have definitely taken a chunk (we can debate how much) from Nintendo's market share".

smart phones games took nothing out of nintendos market share.

How can you say it did when the 3ds is breaking records for in all regions? not just from nintendo, but all systems.

The 3ds will likely be getting a COD too. It wont be exclusive.

Just when I thought it was ok to read this site again.

NeXXXuS2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

his comment said (we can debate about how much) and you go off on it that easily? you didn't even bother to reply to him either.

OT: Smart phones and tablets are becoming more advanced for gaming now so I don't know how you don't see that. Of course, Nintendo will always be No.1 when it comes to handheld gaming, but smart phones and tablets are creating a hinderance for the company. Not much of a hinderance, but it is there.

clearelite2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I would hardly consider them a hinderance. Have you seen 3DS first year sales? 3DS is smashing DS first year sales and outselling every home console. With all this supposed "competition", 3DS is still smashing sales records.

The Vita will be highly successful as well with quality MARKETING and games.

3DS is cheaper though(and has good marketing), so that might sway some casuals, uninformed penny pinchers, etc.

However, we don't need to turn this into a competition. When both dedicated gaming handhelds succeed, it will mean success for hardcore gamers.

READ comment by "Knight_cid" below for the short version.

Knight_Cid2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

And besides an article like this MIGHT be warrented if the 3ds wasnt doing well.

Its doing better than basically any system ever has in its first year.

So it comes off as silly

NeXXXuS2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

why did my comment magically reply to you instead? wtf... sorry about that.

Knight_Cid2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I go off on it when its false.

They arent becoming more advanced for gaming. Not when I download zenonia 4 and the controls are so broken I cant play it over a minute.

@ below

what I am getting at is phones and and tablets are garbage for games.

There isnt one original games on those platforms that are deeper than any gameboy game, original

and dont get me started on skyrim. Not only was the game broken and generic, but it was shallow and lazy

NeXXXuS2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

There's a Zenonia 4 and nobody told me? D:
And you're talking about ONE game. Of course every game has it's downsides and there is enough technology to fix those problems. Let's take the bugs and glitches in Skyrim for example. Those are constantly getting fixed over time. With smartphones and tablets, there are updates for games to make them run smoother. I still don't see what you're getting at.
EDIT @ ABOVE: And yet there are still games being sold on both. There are some pretty decent games on ipad and iphone. Infinity Blade is pretty amazing considering it's on a phone.

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