Game|Life's Top Ten Vaporware Games of 2007

Wired's annual Vaporware Awards went up on Wednesday, and because this is the Internet quite a few of the slots went to videogames. But Wired is not nearly done yet.

Perennial winner Duke Nukem Forever got a new teaser trailer just in time for its nth first-place victory. Blizzard keeps talking about Diablo III but not so much making it.

And did anybody ever think that a game formerly titled SimEverything would ever make it to stores without a succession of substantial delays?

But that's only three games. Chris Kohler and Susan Arendt could keep going, and they will. Here, then, are Game|Life's Top Ten Vaporware Games of 2007.

Game|Life has some slightly different rules for this list. The game in question didn't have to ever have an official 2007 release date attached to it, just as long as the hype coming from the publisher vastly outweighed the substance. And mainline Vaporware Awards winners are disqualified: They've been "honored" enough.

Onward into the mist.

[ Words: Chris Kohler, Game|Life ]

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