Chun Li Based Street Fighter Movie Coming in 2008

Oh man, another Street Fighter movie! Is this good or bad, who knows?! Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom together will produce the movie, which is being planned for a 2008 release in coordination with the 20th anniversay of the video game franchise. It's been stated by Variety that the movie's story will focus on the character Chun Li, however specific details are being kept secret. Wow, sounds fine I suppose. As long as it isn't anything like the upcoming Dead or Alive movie, and I mean, as far from that as it can possibly be, then I'm down for it! We'll have to see how the production goes, and who they cast to play Chun Li.

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talon20003803d ago

dude thanxs for the news i really love street fighter cant wait next yr =]

gamesblow3803d ago

Out of all the cool characters they have in Street Fighter... This is the one they choose to do a movie about?? Please... How far has the movie industry gotten away from reality?

I'd Do one on Vega... Simple as that. I'd make sure to have Sagat show up too somehow. Vega is just an interesting character to me. Chun li... is not. Hell, I'd rather see a movie about Cammy. Why not her? Atleast she was hot. "looks around"


street fighter movie the game for the saturn ? I was a fool i had the import

gungnir133803d ago

This one seems like an old post. It was posted last year... But anyway, I honestly prefer Ryu as the star character for a Street Fighter movie because of his storyline.

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