The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings hit 1.1 million sold copies in 2011

DSOGaming writes: "CD Projekt RED has revealed that their amazing RPG, The Witcher 2, has sold 1.1 million copies in 2011. From those copies, only 270,000 were sold through digital services. In other words, retail sales were about 70%, proving that retail is not going anywhere and can be really successful."

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gillri2486d ago

and got pirated 4.5 million times

thats 1:4 ratio of legal/illegal sales

shame PC gamers are just shooting themselves in the foot

PCgamer4ever2486d ago

The same it will happen with the 360 version also

decrypt2486d ago

Lol Console gamers are funny. None of them cry piracy when games like:

Alan wake sell a million. Sony over the last year has released many exclusives which have barely crossed a million.

What console gamers fail to understand, console gaming by nature has many hidden taxes which requires the platform to sell alot of copies before it starts seeings profits, which is a reason why so many console developers are going out of business as of late.

Hidden taxes that console gamers pay, while they are completely ignorant of it:

15-20usd more per game bought. A good part of that money goes directly to MS and Sony as royalties.

As huge organizations MS and Sony have alot of employees world wide. Console gamers indirectly pay the salaries of all those employees.

Console games require heavy advertisement for them to be a success, this again further curbs the profit that can be made from a console copy of a game.

Last but not least, console games are mostly sold via retailers, which means there are packaging costs, transport costs, damages, returns etc. This all weighs in on the profitability of a console game.

A PC game sold digitally provides the profit of atleast 2 console games sold by retailers.

In the end Developers tend to see alot more money on each PC copy sold, Hence PC games dont really have to sell multi millions to make good profits.

gillri2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

huh? who said I was console gamer?

and how anyone can disagree with what I said? its a fact its been pirated 4.5 million times, and then people think that piracy isn't shooting yourself in the foot!?

just goes to show you just proves how butthurt people can be when they smell even a whiff of an supposed insult towards their preferred system

and if you think the 360 version will get pirated by over a ratio of over 4:1 your living in la la land

I have a PC and pirated probably 6/7 games in 10 years, I have a 360 and pirated precisely 0 games simply because I would have to get it chipped therefore alot more effort, and you can get banned from xbox live, it could void my warranty plus I like buying games it makes it more special than downloading

john22486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

It's not a fact that it was pirated 4.5 million times. It's mere speculation. Marcin Iwinski said that he was observing the download ratio of a torrent file, that he saw 20k downloaders and that the average download speed was around 6 hours. After doing the maths with wrong data, Marcin gave that number.

I'm sure you can see how wrong he can be, given the fact that if seeders are very few (especially at the beginning) they'd be quite few downloads. Moreover, I can guarantee you that Marcin was not checking every 6 hours the download/seed ratio to justify the 20K simultaneous downloads at each and every day.

Not only that, but the torrent sites most of the times do not update frequently their stats. You'll have to start downloading the file to see the number of seeders/downloaders

Baka-akaB2485d ago

chances are it's probably even more than those speculated 4 millions . Torrent werent as dominating a piracy force lately , that is till the likes of Megaupload closed shops .

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Ducky2485d ago

Considering that 1 out of 5 people chose to pay for a game that they were able to get for free, that's not a bad ratio.

Also, pirated copies doesn't necessarily mean a lost sale; some people could have pirated it, liked it, and bought it or they simply weren't planning on buying it to begin with.

Lastly, you're saying that PC gamers are shooting themselves in the foot, yet, you said it yourself, the reason you don't pirate on consoles is because it's more difficult. How can you point a finger at someone blaming them to be a thief when you know that you'd be doing the same if the path was open to you?

TheGameFoxJTV2485d ago

This is RETAIL sales, which does NOT include Digital sales like steam and whatnot. Either way, that's damn impressive for Retail on PC.

ninjahunter2485d ago

4.5 million was a number crunch by CDproject if the game was pirated 20,000 times every 6 hours. Just thought i would shed some light on the numbers. Seems a bit far fetched to me, but its not my field of profession.

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Bigpappy2486d ago

360 version will sell more. All future versions coming to consoles

NYC_Gamer2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I hope the 360 version does huge numbers.That would only help CDprojekt expand and teach Bioware how to make a real mature rpg on all platforms.Congrats to CDprojekt for selling 1.1 million copies.

Simon_Brezhnev2486d ago

Yeah i agree with you but you know you going to get hammered for dissing bioware on this site. LOL

Baka-akaB2486d ago

This is the game that should be getting rpg of the year awards , not bioware stuff or skyrim .

LX-General-Kaos2486d ago

I feel that Bioware is being treated unfairly in this place. But anyway the witcher 2 looks like an amazing game and ill be picking up my copy after starcraft 2.

Baka-akaB2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

i feel otherwise , everyone gets in frenzy for bioware stuff , even if it's sometimes ending up a dissapointment to some .

But the witcher too easily got forgotten .

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Voxelman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

very few WRPGs break 1 million without a massive marketing budget on 360. Basically if it's not Bethesda/Bioware/Fable (that covers all the WRPGs that have passed 1 million BTW) (all have large marketing budgets) the game would be lucky to top 500k, being mature hardcore RPG with little advertising and being a late port won't help ether. CD Project would be very happy with 500k sales on 360 anyway, it should at least sell better than Dark Souls on 360 which so far has done ~350k copies on 360.

The Witcher 2 was tied for my GOTY for 2011 so I would be really happy if it did manage 1 million on 360, but we have to be realistic here.

masa20092486d ago

1.1 million is not a whole lot for a game of this scope and magnitude.

It's probably only a viable venture because it's developed in Poland where costs are lower.
If it was done in Canada or the US, I don't know...

led10902486d ago

the game was made on a budget of 8 million $. So it made quite a big profit

masa20092486d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. In the US or Canada, it would have cost several times that.

Voxelman2485d ago

They turned a profit in a month, 1.1 million sales is more than enough for most games. Only huge budget AAA games with 20+ million marketing budgets need more. If it was then inFamous 2 with 1.1 million, Yakuza 4 800k, Warhawk 1 million, Alan Wake 1.1-1.5 depending who you ask would all be flops. It's not an massive success but it is still profitable.

And as you can see from the 400k sales of the first game last year the game will keep selling for years to come as PC games have longer tails than console sales as there is almost 100% backwards compatibility so you can play a 15 year old game with no problems on PC.

ninjahunter2485d ago

The sales are well within ratio of the budget. Its sales/cost ration would be equivilant to almost all AAA games, And most notably, the sales/cost is comparable to alot of AAA multiplat games.

StayStatic2486d ago

Thats not including Steam Sales at all , just other digital distribution services, unless Valve have changed their T&Cs.

ipe2486d ago

Yes, it includes steam. valve doesnt publish numbers to public but developers and publishers know numbers 4 sure.

beastlysensation2486d ago

it does..steam sold 250k copies while gog sold about 20k, making it 270 like the article says. Retail is at 800k now, but this is just for 2011, by may 2012 hopefully with enhanced edition it will reach 2 million.

StayStatic2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

If that's true then I am very surprised , then again it wasn't marketed like Skyrim I suppose.

I still find it very hard to believe with this title , time to do some googling on the matter :D

Baka-akaB2486d ago

it is very believable , just look at how the game is usually even ignored in the press , even at award shows .

They only remembered the game because there is a console version coming , wich is ridiculous

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Knight_Cid2486d ago

good sales for an ok game. people in the west will buy anything ripped from lotr

Mystickay862486d ago

And you have poor taste in quality RPG games.

Pay the toll troll.

Letros2486d ago

Still playing Final Fantasy? If you want to call it playing, that is.

Christopher2486d ago

There's so much wrong in your post. Read the novels, it's nothing like LotR. Nothing like it.

Ser2486d ago

LOTR and The Witcher? Alike? Um...someone hasn't read any of Tolkien's work.

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