Plexiglas-like DVD to hold 1TB of data

A TeraDisc could hold up to 250,000 high-resolution pictures or 40 HD movies: At the upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas, one company plans to demonstrate the ability to store half a terabyte of data on a DVD disc that is made of a polymer similar to Plexiglas.

Israel-based Mempile Inc. said its TeraDisc DVDs will offer 1TB of storage for consumers in the next few years - Today's high-definition DVDs hold a maximum of 50GB in formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

With 1TB capacity, a TeraDisc could hold up to 250,000 high-resolution photos or MP3s, or about 40 HD movies or 115 DVD movies. While that may seem like an unnecessary amount of capacity for anything but the largest professional needs, Tom Coughlin, a storage analyst at Coughlin Associates in Atascadero, Calif., said HD formats for movie distribution are already four times the current 1080-pixel resolution currently used for consumer HD retail movie distribution. Over the next 10 years, both studio and consumer HD products will multiply by 10 times the current resolution.

"If HD now is 25GB, you can easily have something that's 300GB or larger in the future. So I think we've not reached the limits of resolution that people want in their entertainment devices," Coughlin said.

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nanometric3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

You really don't wanna get a scratch on that :/

season0073806d ago

a 1cm scratch and 50gb mp3s are gone, how is that sounds =)

nanometric3806d ago

Plus you would need a week just to burn the damn thing

WilliamRLBaker3806d ago

well thats the way it was with blu ray, any lil scratch on that and it was destroyed, thats why durabus was used, and pressing plants are vastly faster writing speed then home user recorders.

Guwapo773806d ago

Imagine the price of that thing... Who in the hell would want to download an HD movie 4 times the size of what is available today? Not I.

FadeToBlack3806d ago

Download speeds will also increase over the years to be able to download lareger amounts of data much faster.

solar3806d ago

wow thats kinda cool. sounds uber expensive. like a DVD burner for $2000. :P

M_Prime3806d ago


seriously.. i think this would do more good in Gaming where they can make the best of if.. but with 1 TB available then how much will developement cost? or will this allow DEVS to get sloppy cause they have all that room, and i wonder what the seek time is.. i mean on BLU-RAY we know its crap... so will this be any better?

and yeah.. for downloading i would rather get the standard DVD at 4GB then download a 50GB DVD.. (if i were to be downloading DVDs) just so i could watch it quicker.. if i really wanted to have the movie i would buy it.. having original movies is pretty cool..

its good they are working on it but i bet we won't see this for a while.. i mean HD and BLU are still in format wars.. if this is anything like the VHS vs BETA days then it will be a many a years before they move on.. lets face it.. consumers want a good price before eye burning resolutions.. and to go that high of a RES means NEW TVs... and people are just getting into the whole HD-TV thing..

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The story is too old to be commented.