Mortal Combat is Taking Over the “Vita Hill Social Club”

On February 24th, patrons of Sony’s latest US marketing venture, the Vita Hill Social Club, will be given the opportunity to preview and test Mortal Kombat before it’s April 2nd release date.

To maximize the events appeal, Sony is offering fans of the well-known fighting series, a glimpse into the Vitas’ spine shattering gyroscope and touch screen capabilities.

So, if you’re aching to finish off your opponents in tournament mode, or your interested in viewing the Vita’s vast array of functionalities; stop by one of Sony’s eight Vita Hill Social Club locations and quench your curiosity.

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TheController2250d ago

I can't wait for this game. Day one for me.

zeeshan2250d ago

It's KOMBAT not COMBAT. At least for Mortal Kombat :) Btw, does anyone know why Midway used a K instead of a C? Curios hmm.. :)

BiggCMan2250d ago

They felt like it, not joking.

GribbleGrunger2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

because it's a Kicking K. a curly C would just not cut it in a brawl

Skizelli2246d ago

The name "Mortal Combat" was suggested by pinball designer Steve Ritchie, who went on to voice the series' main antagonist, Shao Kahn, in MKII, MK3, UMK3, and MKT.

According to John Tobias, "Mortal Combat" was submitted to a trademark attorney but the title was vetoed. The 'C' was then changed to a 'K' in order to secure the name.

Skizelli2250d ago

It's Mortal Kombat with a K, lady.