Far Cry 2 had 50 stories, Far Cry 3 has one

OXM UK: "Ubisoft is taking a more focused approach with Far Cry 3's story than in Far Cry 2, asserting that "traditional storytelling" is more powerful than multiple choice. Don't tear your hair out in rage just yet, non-linearity fans: the game will support and respond to a range of gameplay approaches."

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Rampaged Death2484d ago

There was too much going on in Far Cry 2 and the story suffered because of it.

iamnsuperman2484d ago

Agree... The game also suffered when it came to quality control. I hope this game is within the limits of what the studio can achieve, there is nothing wosre than buying a game that is quite buggy because size and diversity took the focus over quality (like the last far cry game)

dazzrazz2484d ago

True true ! 2 bad non of that game breaking shit was ever fixed

wallis2484d ago

The whole game stank of design by committee to be fair. I think far cry 3 will have a much more focussed approach despite far cry 2 still being a very good game.

Graphically pretty, strong controls, great shooting, nice design, vehicles weren't bad. I think it's strongest point was the location. I used to play that game and feel legitimately warmer because of the way it captured that sort of climate.

And then I'd get shot in the face by a jeep that came out of friggin nowhere and I'd lose it.

wenaldy2484d ago

And FC2 has shitty story.. mind my language, but i cant stand it..

MrDead2484d ago

I enjoy Far cry 2 but I still haven't finished it, it's those freaking checkpoints they drive me crazy and I just stop playing, I try to get as close to my destination by boat or bus before begrudgingly getting in a car to finish my journey( I even enjoy the driving) . If the only big change to the game was to remove respawning checkpoints I would be very happy as almost everything else the game offers I enjoy.

MasterD9192484d ago

I wasn't impressed by anything in the FC2 story. FC3 at least has a coherent campaign with direction. Night and day difference.