Humor: Animal Crossing Is Just As Bleak And Dark As Fallout 3

We all know Animal Crossing. The bright and colorful world where you waste time capturing bugs, doing favors for other animals, and decorating your house. Its cute, its charming, its dark. Dark? You ask? Yes. Animal Crossing is no better suited for a child than the gory wasteland of Fallout 3.

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Squatch832127d ago

Why does this have a PSP tag?

ronin4life2127d ago

It seems as though people just throw whatever tag they want on stories nowadays.... -_-;

spacedelete2127d ago

not sure if serious or trolling. nothing and i mean nothing is as dull and depressing than Fallout. nothing let alone Animal Crossing.

PopRocks3592126d ago

Maybe you ought to read the article before you denounce it.