Sony Respond To EQ2 Cheating Allegations

Kotaku reports:

"A few days ago, some SOE devs were accused of "cheating" in Everquest 2 by moving a guild from the game's test servers to its "live" servers. Sony Online Entertainment have since responded to these allegations, with Bruce Ferguson, EQII's senior producer, saying:

"The move was made] to show kindness to some valued members of our testing community who have been working diligently to improve EverQuest II for the last three years."

How sweet! Sony also say the characters have been stripped of their superior test server equipment. Thing is, MMO site Massively have a long, long list of what they believe is evidence saying that, no, they did a lot more than move some guys, and that yes, foul deeds have indeed been committed. All very juicy, we agree, it's just a shame nobody cares about Everquest 2."

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solar3839d ago

yawn. im sure this happens in all mmo's. point is, who cares? it doesnt effect other players so who cares? yikes....

Skerj3839d ago

Hah jealous people care :D

solar3839d ago

which reinforces my point that the greedy love to play and destroy others fun in a game such as that. its always "me me me" in games like that.