Bethesda: Skyrim proves "you don't have to dumb down" core games

OXM: "We underestimate how many core gamers there are," according to game director Todd Howard.

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RedDead2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Seriously? Quest arrows and level scaling? If Skyrim is not a dumbed down version of Previous elder scrolls then I don't know the what is. It's being getting more and more dumbd down since Oblivion came out. I couldn't even call the game an RPG any more because they took out those elements for Skyrim. Action game in an open world.


Yeah, that's the problem though, how far is it gonna go? It's already gone to far for me, I DIDN'T enjoy Skyrim. Only the first 10 hours or so feel fresh, after that it's feels like i'm repeating stuff in dungeons with minimal difference, simply the layout will change and humanoid enemies or spiders that may as well be human. Difficulty and my level/equipment don't affect a thing. And Dragons...jesus, would it be ok for God of war to have the same boss fight you over and over again? No it's boring I don't get why Skyrim gets away with it. Imagine if Dark souls had nothing but a Hadra demon as the 'boss' enemy in the game.

What happened to FPS after Cod 4? Alot of things. Alot of attempted copies or 'Codifacation', Square Enix openly admitted attempting to copying Cod's pacing for FFXIII(Yes, linear and all action). Bethesda upgrades some things from Morrowind alot(animation, graphics, Combat while it's still crap, presentation basically). And literally Ditched the RPG side of it. And dumbed down their exploration with Quest Arrows and fast travel to any location found. Then there were some major improvements New vegas had which Skyrim just left alone, they SHOULD have stole those idea's and stuck them in Skyrim too. Skyrim's world is static. Nothing happens, no one cares about you or you're achievements except the guards who mention it as you walk by, but it affects nothing ever. This is a point of this generation, improve presentation, and make everything else worse, especially in the case of large games and RPG's, they have suffered the most from this. Short games can get by with it.

Only a few RPG devs remain that haven't been doing this, Even Bioware are falling off. Mass effect 1 was the first hint of it while still retaining alot of what makes an RPG an RPG. ME2 is a shooter with a fancy level selector and some RPG elements. Which game is better? That's up to you. When I want to play an RPG I play one, when I want to play a shooter I play one. ME2 is closer to Stalker than an RPG, but at least the Stalker devs don't try to fool themselves. Despite the fact that their game has many more RPG elements than ME2 or Skyrim. It's still an FPS at heart and the devs know what it is.

Oh yes TopDudeman, and Cod consistently sells millions and millions with every rehash. What does that mean? Nothing. It has fans and that's that. I hope to god Mods make my purchase of Skyrim worth it, but damn, i'll never believe Todd howards words, that's twice he's lied openly about this game

dirigiblebill2256d ago

One man's "dumbed down" is another man's "cutting the crap".

MysticStrummer2256d ago

That's true, but I've played them all and in my opinion they've been dumbed down in a major way.

Drake1172255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I have been a fan of ES since Daggerfall, and morrowind is easily my favorite game of all time but i don't really find Skyrim "dumbed down". Im the man that finds all these changes to be "cutting the crap". Not really sure why people consider removing worthless skills like unarmed or athleticism dumbed down. Or removing an annoying repair feature that made it so players would have to repair half way through a dungeon dumbing it down. Or even for gods sake removing a hit or miss stat like morrowind had isn't dumbing it down. Skyrim still has all of the RPG elements that a game like morrowind or oblivion had. I'm not sure wtf ppl are talking about when they say Skyrim isn't an RPG any more because idk if i could think of a game that was more of an RPG than skyrim was that released last year. Sorry to all of you elitists that need a hit or miss stat in your game but video games are evolving, not being dumbed down(ES any ways).

TopDudeMan2256d ago

Dude, I don't give a crap. The game was awesome and sold millions and they're gonna make another game in the series and that's all that matters to me.

Baka-akaB2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Still they should just shut up in this case .

The game is awesome and a well oiled machine , but they cut and removed more than they added , too much to dare speak up about this issue

Knight_Cid2256d ago

skyrim was not only dumbed down, it was generically bad

Captain Qwark 92256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

lmao they cannot be serious. the elder series got more and more complex as it went on. then at morrowind ( one of gamings masterpieces ) the series peaked. after that they dumbed oblivion down, but not too much. then skyrim dropped and they pretty much dumbed it down to a 1st graders level. they cut 10x more than they added to the series and now were left with a game that is 1/10 of what morrowind was.

and @ reddead,

i agree with you on every level man, even about me1 and 2.

ritsuka6662256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Hardcore purists,i don't think their opinions are gonna count for much now because no matter how much you don't like something, you DON'T need send hate coments for Skyrim.

I enjoyed Skyrim and that's all you can ask for is an enjoyable game.If you don't like new direction then don't play it.It's that simple,no need to have bashed comments.

FlashBack2256d ago

Talk about overreacting. Action game in an open world? Skyrim isn't an RPG, I guess Mass Effect 3 is a tennis game, then

Paragon2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Although I had A LOT of fun with Skyrim, I do see that they have indeed 'dumbed it down'. You can't really level up skills like, say, unarmed. That should have been it's own tree.

It's still a great game, I still have a lot of fun - but I'll have to admit, compared to Morrowind (or even Oblivion) it's dumbed down.

(Still, it's awesome. If anyone hasn't checked it out, I'd highly recommend it)

Rowland2256d ago

yep - and the ME1 & 2 statement is spot on - something I've been making a call on for ages.

Funny how those of us with something to actually say with passionate informed fact-based opinions and who tell it how it is quickly find themselves with only one or 2 bubbles on N4G.

Mods ?

Blacktric2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Couldn't have said it better. Agreed with everything except what you've said about ME 2 since I still think being able to give decisions of certain magnitude makes an RPG an RPG and not the other elements found in them. But still, very well said. It's good to know that there are people here that aren't afraid to voice their negative opinions against popular games.

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Fishy Fingers2256d ago

I like to look at Skyrim as "streamlined" :)

Yeah they may have removed certain things, but in many cases, those "certain things" pissed off more gamers than they did anything else. Sometimes to have to remember, its a game, not a grind.

tee_bag2422256d ago

It's a shame their was no levitate spells like the older ones. I want to level up into a god. I still think skyrim is a awesome game though.

NYC_Gamer2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Bethesda proved you could release a broken product and get a slap on the wrist from reviewers/be successful sales wise

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