Mass Effect 3 - 'Take Earth Back' Extended Trailer Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "BioWare and Electronic Arts will release today the extended version of the CGI 'Take Earth Back' trailer for Mass Effect 3 and guess what; some Russians have managed to leak it 7 hours before its initial release."

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FrightfulActions2374d ago

Seem's this got approved too soon - or did no one else realize the leaked video is now private so no one can actually see it?

john22374d ago

fixed. Article contains a working link

FrightfulActions2374d ago

Thanks. I wasn't expecting much from a 'extended trailer'... But that was surprisingly a lot better than the one initially released. Thank's for sharing.

ReservoirDog3162373d ago

I actually saw this weeks ago. Some survey website showed it to me and asked my opinion on it. Then payed me $5 for it.

Good times 8]

vikingland12374d ago

I will destroy those dirty husks and the reapers you have my word.

LAWSON722374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

That was epic possible trailerof the year

Kingdom Come2374d ago

A truly stunning trailer, congratulation Bioware. A successful hybrid of emotion and action with astonishing visual artistry. I can't wait to take Earth back...

john22373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

to be honest, this CGI trailer made me wishing for in-game visuals like these. Can't wait till we get similar graphics in the next-next generation era

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